Thread: Fake molly. But what is it?

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    Fake molly. But what is it? 
    So my friend picked up some supposed molly, but the test results make it obvious that it isn't. Thing is, I've tested all sorts of weird pills and powders, but never got one quite like this.

    Marquis went very light red/brown slowly with bubbles
    Simons went heavy dark blue
    Robadope did nothing
    Mecke went dark brown with bubbles
    Mandelin went very light red/brown

    Not great lighting, but I've seen real molly tested and marquis goes to black really fast (almost scary fast). Is this, like, a random mixture of speed-secondary amine-ketamine-2c randomness? Tastes bitter but not like molly. Doesn't really smell like anything. White powder similar to baking powder in color and texture except it clumps a bit better than baking powder.

    Any ideas on a single substance or do you guys think this is a random mix of powders?

    Can supply a pic if you guys want.
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    Just a guess but could it possibly be Mephedrone?
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    Surely someone somewhere has tested mephedrone with those tests, and knows what it would look like, lets see if we can find a post like that?

    Edit: Clicked the two most promising topics on the first page.

    Mephedrone turns marquis a "light pink" according to other posters.

    It is entirely possible that you have a witches brew.
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    I was thinking a random combo of powders as well. That's pretty fucked up. Glad I have a test kit.
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    What a shame. I'm glad you tested this.
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