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    Sboxone and Crystal Meth mixed and injected 
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    Substance Amount Delivery Method
    Suboxone 6mg Intravenously
    Methamphetamine .2mg Intravenously

    Subject: 155 lb White Male, 5’6”, Good Health
    Time and date of Injection: 12/17/09 2:00 A.M.
    Total Injection amount 35 Units on standard 1ML Insulin syringe.

    +15 Min – Beginning to feel the effects of the meth, feeling really good right now, not speeding an insane amount, but have an excellent clarity at the moment. SWIM feels generally good. SWIM is currently still waiting on the Suboxone to kick in. Typically when SWIM injects Suboxone it takes a good 20-30 min for SWIM to really start to feel the effects of it. Watching "Up" by Pixar, good so far, SWIM will check back in 15 minutes from now.

    +30 Min – SWIM is starting to feel the effects of the Suboxone kicking in. SWIM is beginning to feel the onset of the body buzz that accompanies the high with the Suboxone, however, this is also the point at which SWIM would also usually begin the feel the drowsiness from the Suboxone. As of right now, SWIM has no drowsiness, SWIM is still perfectly alert, no blurred vision, just beginning to feel really relaxed. At the moment, SWIM is becoming very fond of where this is headed. If the effects continue to move in this general direction then SWIM may have found the best way to experience the pleasure from the Suboxone without feeling quite so fucked up and unable to control SWIMself(in regards to walking, slurred speech, and keeping SWIMs eyes opened.).

    +45 Min – The typical effects of the Suboxone are really starting to kick in now, and one great thing SWIM is noticing as well is that when typically taking Amphetamines or Methamphetamines, SWIMs heart rate and pulse are increased, SWIM tends to get palpitations and SWIMS hands shake a fair amount, enough to be a nuisance. At this current point in SWIMs high, everything feels the way it should, SWIM is relaxed, SWIMs body feels great, SWIMs breathing and heart rate is normal, SWIM has the wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling you get from opiates, and SWIM pretty much feels like nothing could piss SWIM off, but at the same time, SWIM feels like if SWIM really wanted to get up and accomplish something, SWIM could do that as well. However, SWIM has nothing to get done and nothing that SWIM wants to do, so SWIM is going to go ahead and lay down and continue watching SWIMs movie. SWIM will make one more entry in another 15 minutes and after that SWIM will either close the report, or just make an entry if there are any new developments. So far however, this has been a total success, and an excellent experience, the only thing SWIM thinks that SWIM may change is that when SWIM decides to do this again, which will most likely be very soon, SWIM may move up to 8mg Suboxone, and .1mg Methamphetamine because from what SWIM can tell thus far is that the mixture of the two basically allows you to use the Methamphetamine as a control agent for the opioid attributes of the Suboxone, therefore allowing one to take full advantage of the Suboxone for recreational use.

    +60 Min – The effects of the injection are sustaining as they were in the previous entry. At this point, SWIM is going to give this the stamp of approval and say that this has been a very pleasurable experience. The only thing left to play with is the amount of each drug to reach the nominal desired affect, which, will of course, vary for everyone. This experience has been wonderful, but SWIM thinks that if SWIM either decreased the dosage of Methamphetamine or increased the amount of Suboxone in the mix that SWIM would be a little closer to SWIMs fully desired effect, although this is still very pleasant, and if the night continues the way it tends to when SWIM injects Suboxone, the longer time that passes, the more SWIM will notice the euphoric effects of the Buprenorphine

    +1 Hr 15 Min – As SWIM had expected, the effects of the Suboxone are increasing as more time passes. SWIM is beginning to feel more tired, but in a nice, “think I’m going to get a really good night’s sleep” kind of way, rather than a drowsy, “just about to plain pass out” sort of way. On that note, SWIM is going to go ahead and hit the sack and enjoy SWIMs remaining time with this excellent experience. SWIM will make one more entry in the morning to see if there are any after effects, such as headache, dehydration, extended sleep hours, etc. etc.
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    --> Trip reports

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    You felt 200 Micrograms of Methamp?!

    Also we don't use SWIM here .

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    Terminology mistake 
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    I took a half a gram and seperated it into ten equal lines and used two lines to mix in with the suboxone. So I'm realising now just how probably wrong I was in my measurement of the Meth because I don't have a scale, and I've also just started doing meth on occasion about two months ago.

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    You must mean 200mg (milligrams) then . 1mg = 100ug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
    You must mean 200mg (milligrams) then . 1mg = 100ug

    also excessive use of swim and a tiny awkward font make this mostly unreadable

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    Yeah pofacedhoe is right, 1000mcg = 1mg

    And 6mg of buprenorphine is WAY too much! 6mg would last me at least a week.

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    Yeah have tried similar combo myself though not with meth but with street powder Amphetamine.
    Dissolved about 2-300mg Amphetamine with ~4-5mg Suboxone and injected intravenous.
    Amphetamine hits with a strong rush in seconds and you get very sharp,euphoric, speedy and all hairs on your body stands on edge.
    Then 5-10mins later you start to feel the Suboxone come on, ~40-50mins later I was very calm in my body yet still alert, sharp, extremely euphoric with that opioid feeling inside you.

    A very nice and long lasting combo, not like relatively short acting opioids&stims like heroin/morphine/oxy + cocaine which on the other hand is far more intense and very very euphoric/orgasmic but short lasting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pofacedhoe View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Captain.Heroin View Post
    Yeah pofacedhoe is right, 1000mcg = 1mg
    Mehhh whatevs, I haven't had chemistry in a while lol .

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    I had done Meth and took suboxone feeling very hot and confused, maybe if I layback for awhile ill feel much better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain.Heroin View Post
    And 6mg of buprenorphine is WAY too much! 6mg would last me at least a week.
    Wait, what? I take 16-24mg per day. That's what I'm prescribed. I do remember having a really low tolerance to the stuff at one time, but that was when I first started using it. Even then, 6mg would not have lasted a week for my dope fiend ass.

    Sorry, I had to ask; with a name like 'Captain Heroin' I wouldn't think 6mg bupe would last you a week. Although it almost seems like I remember you saying you weren't on H anymore? Am I crazy?

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    This thread is kinda old...

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    ^I have no problem with that if it is a productive, well formatted thread. This one is getting closed.

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