Thread: Cocaine safe to take with Gabapentin? (Neurontin)

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    Cocaine safe to take with Gabapentin? (Neurontin) 
    Really need to know the answer to this question.

    Ive recently been put on Gabapentin, and need to know how it interacts with cocaine. And/or ecstasy or ketamine, if anyone happens to that either.
    Finding this out will pretty much make or break my New Years

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    i doubt itd interact negatively, i mean there are people prescribed adderall and gabapentin at the time, so coke would probably be fine. i have no idea how theyd work with e or k, since i havent read/experienced the combinations.
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    I'm trying Lyrica (pregabalin) and cocaine.
    I take it for anxiety, 1200mg of Lyrica, along with 20mg (morning and before sleep) diazepam (detoxing from benzos).
    I've tried cocaine a few times and I'm feeling fine (low doses however, I think).
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    bump for a more in depth reply
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    Gabapentin is a relatively harmless drug that works on gaba, where cocaine would be effecting dopamine.

    There would be no negative interactions between the two, nor would there be any contradictory actions happening either.

    All in all this should be a relatively safe thing to do, and I can't see any reason why this would be harmful.
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    My wife takes truely insane doses of gabapentin on a nearly daily basis, and she used to smoke crack, so I'm sure she did both at once. We're seperated, so I can't ask her, but she's certainly alive and never mentioned any problems from the combo.
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    Gabapentin acts on voltage dependent calcium ion channels, and is NOT a GABA agonist.

    OP: There are no known interactions between Gabapentin and any of the drugs you mentioned. That being said, I would be wary of reckless dosing of ketamine while on this drug. Cumulative CNS depressant effects and all.
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    does anybody know if u could safely mix a dose of about 400mg lyrica with some smoked methamphetamine?
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    Quote Originally Posted by I<3Molly92 View Post
    does anybody know if u could safely mix a dose of about 400mg lyrica with some smoked methamphetamine?
    No, methamphetamine won't react negatively with pregabalin.

    To the OP, Neurontin has no negative reactions with cocaine either.
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