Thread: JWH-018 - New Experience - From mildly pleasant to fear of death.

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    JWH-018 - New Experience - From mildly pleasant to fear of death. 
    This is long. I tried to provide as much background as possible. If you only want to read about my "bad" trip you can skip down to the emoticon.

    When I had originally got the JWH-018 it was last Wednesday. I had a friend who will smoke pot with me occasionally coming in from out of town on the weekend. He doesn't smoke with me much anymore because of a possible drug test. Since JWH-018 shouldn't show up on a drug test, I wanted to test it out beforehand to see if it would be suited for us to smoke together. I started smoking on Thursday at 2PM and didn't stop until 10PM that night. I didn't have a scale, but knew I had bought 500mgs, so I tried to eyeball about what 2mgs would be. I started very small, as I am extremely conservative. But I found myself not getting very high. I did keep dosing every hour as it was pleasent, but nothing mind shattering

    I wrote some thoughts down on the high at the time, and present them here:

    -Very little short term memory loss. Feels very functional. People around me have no idea I am high.

    -Feel slight pain or at least greater awareness of my bones and teeth.

    -If marijuanna gets you high. JWH-018 gets you medium.

    -At this point I can't imagine and overdose. It seems so mild, yet addictive. I end up re dosing every hour as the effects drop off so sharply at one hour in.

    -Where on pot, time seems to slow down. On JWH-018, time seems to fly by.

    So my friend didn't end up even smoking since he has a physical coming up. I smoke a couple times Saturday night. I had likely upped the dosage to maybe 5 times what I started at. I now know that I should have waited on a good scale. So my numbers are likely meaningless. I got a decent buzz on my last hit and enjoyed it, but nothing different than my earlier usage, just little strong.

    So on to Sunday. I was having a somewhat stressful Sunday night. I don't even know how to describe relative degrees of stress. I will just say, pretty much everything in my life is going good, except that my girl friend, soon to be wife in six months, was experiencing symptoms of what might be very early pregnancy. She hasn't even missed her period, is very OCD and takes her birth control pill at the same time everyday, but I was slight stress over that. No fights, nothing like that, we both talk broadly about symptoms and possible home pregnancy test, but nothing about what we would do if it was true.

    We watched some TV, and I went to take a shower. When I was almost done, my girlfriend joined me in the shower. I enjoyed the hot water a little more with her and then I got out and dryed off. My girlfriend is not into drugs. I am enough of a man in our relationship that I do what I want as long as I feel it is safe and well researched. I take prescription sized doses of adderrall, klonopin, and hydrocodone on an occassional basis in order to get shit done, be less stressed, or chill out. I also smoke pot (kind bud) out of a one hitter a couple times a week. I usually don't get totally baked as I only do one or two one hitter hits, but I am familiar with smoking so much pot one is totally baked. I only get that high maybe every two months. I have smoked pot at this frequency for the last four years, and used to chain smoke shit weed joints for four years before that.

    That said, my girlfriend is not excited about me smoking JWH-018 as it is "unnatural" in her words and hasn't had hundreds of years of field testing like pot. Because of that I thought I would smoke some while she was still in the shower. I had smoked some in front of her a couple hours earlier, but had barely got a buzz. I had increased my eyeball dosage gradually over the last couple days to perhaps 5 to 10 times what I first started with on Thursday. So I used my knife to cut and scoop some up and put it on some old shit weed ash in a pipe that I had been using from the beginning to smoke JWH-018. I brought the flame slowly down toward the white cystals until they turned to liquid and then eventually black. I inhaled the same as always, BUT I HELD THE HIT IN MY LUNGS FOR LIKELY 10 SECONDS. I had never held the JWH-018 for this long in my lungs before. I had read many times over that pot just needs to be in your lungs for a second to get the maximum affect, so without even thinking about it, I had treated this new drug the same way. I didn't think holding it in my lungs would matter much, but for some reason at that moment, I did it.

    I am pretty sure I had read over a thousands posts on JWH-018 over a two day period. I find new ideas interesting and get great joy in reading as much as possible on a new subject. And a new drug certainly is worthy of hours and hours of research. I swear that in all that time, I don't think anyone mentioned anything about holding the hit in the lungs, so I didn't even think about it.

    Well, four to five minutes after smoking I was certainly thinking about it. I was becoming high in a way I had never experienced before. Something was very different. I knew it would be intense, but as it built, I had no idea how intense it would be. I ran over to my computer and looked up holding a hit of JWH-018, and someone said they never did that, and the next post was from someone else saying that one is wasting a lot of the potency if one doesn't hold the hit for a while. I didn't need that to confirm that I was experiencing something that was totally different than anything I had experienced in my life. I stood up and that helped briefly. I could hold it together well enough to put the drugs on the highest shelf on the bookcase. I knew I wouldn't be taking any more, but I wanted to distance myself from it; to physically put it out or reach.

    So much more intense than anything I had experienced in my life. Only thing that even reminds me of it, is waking up from a reacuring childhood dream where a toy car and I are being sucked into a giant sand pit. That dream was so intense it reminded me of death at that age and how out of control life is as I got older.

    So my girlfriend comes out from the bathroom. I don't know what prompted it, but she asked if I was ok (which she virtually never does) and I was able to grunt, "yeah". But I didn't feel ok. All I could think about was that I needed to keep it together, when I first smoked pot in college I remember being freaked out, but this was nothing like that. My mind felt totally out of control, everywhere I looked, the images were becoming strange. The walls were moving. My head felt like it would explode. My breathing was out of control. Fear everywhere. I didn't want to worry my girlfriend, but I knew it was getting past the point of being able to keep what I was dealing with to myself. I fought myself for around half a minute, and then I told her, "come over here and sit with me."

    She gave me a look like she was super concerned. She sat next to me and said "Are you ok?". I couldn't form words very well. Her face was turning into huge pixels like a video game. When I looked at her, the only thing distinct was her eyes as they were always moving, everything else just blurred into a fuzzy tan colored blur. All I could do was look at her. She said, "You don't look ok". I finally got out, "Smoked some of new stuff . . . just got too high." I believe that this must be what people feel before they die. I didn't just think that was possible, I started to believe there was significant chance I would die. Most of this came from my body shaking like crazy and my breathing getting increasingly out of control. It was a chicken-egg situation. At the same time, before, or after, I realized that I was never as afraid in my life as I was right now. It could have been all paranoia, but with the crazy images and fear. I was so scared. I kept thinking of the hospital. If it got any worse I was considering it. But I just rode it out. The world had never been more naked and real then it was then.

    About ten minutes later, as I was holding my girlfriend, I leaned forward and said, "I think it is getting better". At that point I wanted it to be better even if it wasn't, but from that point on I realized that the intesity was going down. It was still super powerful. I was still 30x higher than I had been in my life, but the idea that the intensity wasn't going to stay like that for hours was a huge relief.

    Now that I my fear level had gone down some, I was still scared, but I could try to use the experience for what it was. My overall experience was viewing the world I live in as foreign. Viewing your life and everything that exists around you in such a new light that is as if you were plopped down on an alien planet. Being amazed that anything actually gets accomplished given we are all just these brains connected loosely to our bodies. All this information bouncing around our brains, that eventually will no longer be. Really understanding that humans are just another species, a animal. Being amazed that I have animals live with me in my house. Being thankful that my animals are all sleeping as I am so fucking high, I don't think I could have handled them moving. Look at the couch and it is pulsing in my view. The painting in my living room is on fire. The colors are everywhere and it is moving. I realized that all the decisions I had made up to this point were present right here. The house I bought, the girl I am going to marry, my animals, friends, money, resources. I could see it all from the outside view.

    I realized that most of what I see and do is all about my subconscious. That somehow my subconscious keeps everything organized. For the first time I really understood how the brain is separate from the body.

    From that point on, it kept getting less and less intense. At maybe 45 minutes in my girlfriend called out to our dog, but I said, "no, I don't think I can handle more movement right now". My ability to speak improved. I began to be able to talk more about what I feel. I said, "it was just too much information all at once".

    An hour out, I got oral sex. My girlfriend was reluctant as she thought it would encourage future use, but I knew I never wanted to do the drug like this again, so I wanted to take advantage of this altered state while I could. It was some of the best I ever had as it was so raw in my mind. Very primal and real. Like sex on pot but even more intense and with less cloudiness of the mind.

    I never did Acid, so a drug experience this intense was new to me. I really can't even imagine something more intense. I guess the bottom line is measure dosages carefully, and know that holding the hit will intensify it a lot. Obviously, I made some mistakes, but I would be very careful with this drug.

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    Wow sounds like an intense high. I can relate to some of the aspects of your trip (intense paranoia). I guess the scariest part of it would be that it's a fairly untested chemical although it is a cannabinoid. Glad to hear you pulled it together. Sometimes we have to learn lessons on eyeballing doses the hard way, heh.
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    Doesn't really matter if it's a cannabinoid. It can have all sorts of side effects unrelated to cannabinoid receptor affinity.
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    I've had a similar experience to yours but with JWH-073. Actually I had it twice (yea, I guess I'm a slow learner.)

    Quote Originally Posted by 000888 View Post
    I never did Acid, so a drug experience this intense was new to me...
    Don't assume that an acid experience (at least at smart doses) would be this intense in the same way. My JWH-073 was more negatively intense than any psychedelic experience I've had thus far (mushrooms, 4-aco-dmt, 2c-e, 2c-d, nn-dmt). None of these made me feel bad in the way that JWH did during my ODs.
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    Thanks for all the feedback.

    Listening - Good to hear that other types of trips are nowhere near as negative. I still would like to try acid or mushrooms at some point. Having made it through the trip, I appreciate the insight I got, but at the same time, I don't ever want to repeat it, specifically the fear.

    Everyone talks about how mild JWH-073 is. A good warning from you that one has to be careful with all the JWHs.
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    Very nice report. That sounds like an awesome experience despite the fear. Kudos on the blow job while tripping your nuts off...
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    The more I read on jwh-018 the more I hear about more intense psychedelic effects with some people. Very interesting. This may not be the best jwh, cp, hu, win etc. for people with no experience with full on psychedelic drugs. Psychedelic experiences can be pants shittingly terrifying if the user isn't expecting them, even when the user is expecting it, well I'm sure ya'll know...
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    smoking far too much cannabis (7 grams in a huge blunt) that knocked everyone else out when i was seriously addicted to amphetamines was similar. i woke up hours later will the walls bending in towards me then back out. i havent seen that much warping since tabs of acid.

    cannabis can be extremely halucinogenic its simply dosage that prevents this from being a common effect
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    Much JWH experience 
    Yes, it never occured to me, but the time held in the lungs can drastically affect the experience. Also, as I had read many times, eyeballing the dose seems to have an effect.
    For me, I have learned to get a teeny tiny amount (I admit, some might consider this exact amount suggestive.).
    Have had bad times before, paranoia, etc.
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    Unlike Cannabis, the more you do the more intoxicated you get. 
    Yea I smoked it, and had a nightmare trip.(thanks for the warning headshop )

    I'm a lot like the original poster. I was in a headshop in my area and I was going to buy my first killer waterpipe ($200) 30 inch monster. I noticed more than I should how busy the owner was(1 man show). Teenage kids 18+ I assume kept going to the registrar and asking for "Black Magic Smoke". So I ask the owner is it any good at all? The owner said "I don't smoke it", this kid said to me, man its stronger than cannabis. I though hmm yea right, but figured it would give me some mild high like being on a caffeine buzz. So I told the owner why not I'll give it a try and judge for myself.

    I first vaporized it and it shocked me how decent it was and had some weed like effects. I was damn high and then back down with no major issue with in 25 minutes(first time I'd smoked anything legal). So I figured I'd load a full bowl and see how it compared. So I did and riped off 10 massive hits with my new pipe..................10 minutes later I felt like I was in for the fight for my life and my soul. It was a crazy hard hitting hallucinogenic that had me begging for mercy. I prayed, talk to myself, screaming in my head "ride it out Supertorch your going to come down just relax". I had no idea what just hit me, and was absolutely not expecting to have my ass handed to me by this legal herb. I was shocked and in horror, the paranoia is very high and the trip was deep. I even felt mad and pissed off at the guy who sold it to me for not giving me a warning. My entire concept of "Legal Herbs" changed that night. I realized that the legal herb market is out of control with their mega potency's(At minimum they are not giving a fair warning) This shit clubbed my brain, and was the worst trip of my life. I hesitate to even wright this because it gives word of mouth to the market of "Legal Herbs". I don't know how I feel except to say I'd feel so sad for a 18 old teen that had never ever smoked cannabis and thought to himself hmm I'll give this legal herbs a try. I'm giving you a warning this stuff will put you in a heavy drug like induced state of mind, mine was not good. I will offer up that I hadn't smoked out of a waterpipe in years as all I've done is vaporize. I had .25 of a gram - 1 full packed bowl. And it blew my mind on all levels. Knowing that legal herbs are not going away my point in a post like this it to tell any young or novices, tread very very slowly with what you buy until you know how it'll hit you. "Legal Herbs" has a new definition and to me it borders on "Random Legal Heavy Intoxicants". It's no playing around "BLACK MAGIC SMOKE" scared(s) the shit out of me. It opened my eyes into what the hell is going on in the underground/aboveground "Legal Herb" scene and its not about being nice, it's about power and habit forming. I haven't smoked anything other legal herbs. If I do try a "Legal Herbal Blend" again I'll damn sure tread slowly and talk to others first."Black Magic Smoke" was an extremely powerful trip 80% negative. I grant that it "may" be all natural and not harm anyone as that what legal herbs imply. I hope thats the case. Understand this: "Legal does not mean weak"

    Theres no doubt I did too much but I felt like the high I got off of it after using my vaporizer was my test and that was not that bad of a trip. But with the new waterpipe I also held in the hits and it was just too late - 8 minutes and 10 massive hits later the trip hit and freakshow was on, so maybe it was on me a little for going to far to fast, but who knew I tested it and that was cool but the second time when I thought OK its safe I've tested it and with that mistake I was in a mental institution in my mind for 45 minutes until it started to tapper. As far as how long it lasted that depends on how much you do, you're 95% down in 1-2 hours but that other 5% can linger for a few days.

    My conclusion is that unlike Cannabis with this stuff the more you do the more intoxicated you get. Cannabis has the built in safety net of having a ceiling that you can't go beyond which is why its the most popular drug in the world. This is some sort of Peyote, LSD, Lude trip when your least expecting it. It could be a cool legal trip if it is truly safe and the highs are predictable, time will tell I was uninformed when I thought i had tested it. I crawled from my couch to my desk at about 15 minutes in and then to the toilette and flushed all that I had left away, under the terrifying thought that I had been instantly addicted. When the light of day cleared I did feel much better, but still pissed that no one said to me hey dude take it slowly. Just my $.02
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    My overall experience was viewing the world I live in as foreign. Viewing your life and everything that exists around you in such a new light that is as if you were plopped down on an alien planet. Being amazed that anything actually gets accomplished given we are all just these brains connected loosely to our bodies. All this information bouncing around our brains, that eventually will no longer be. Really understanding that humans are just another species, a animal. Being amazed that I have animals live with me in my house. Being thankful that my animals are all sleeping as I am so fucking high, I don't think I could have handled them moving. The painting in my living room is on fire. The house I bought, the girl I am going to marry, my animals, friends, money, resources. I could see it all from the outside view.

    I have been going crazy trying to describe the horrifying feeling this gave me last evening, the first AND LAST time I will ever ingest it again. You nailed it right on the head for me, except I did not have any visual hallucinations.

    I am extremely experienced with hallucinogens, mostly LSD, Psilocybin and Salvia. Although, my days experimenting with them have been over for over a decade. They were always very pleasant and mentally expanding experiences. Cannabis I gave up over a year ago because of the anxiety attacks it would give me, also the possibility of getting popped at work at any time. Not worth it anymore.

    This was something I really wanted to try as a safe and legal alternative and I certainly did not do nearly enough research ahead of time. I smoked it like an ordinary bowl of the real deal.

    It hit me almost as soon as I set my pipe down and as I laid back into my couch, I could immediately feel my heart racing and pounding out of my chest. It couldn't have been more than ten to fifteen minutes later I felt as if I were absolutely, completely dissociated beyond anything I have ever felt in my life. I was sure this is the way the world looks as the brain is slowly shutting down in the process of dying.

    I tried talking myself down as I knew I had ingested it, but there would be no such doing. It didn't matter, there was no talking myself out of it as it had full control over my mind. It was like I was another species put into a human body. Nothing in my living room made sense anymore, nothing had a concept of value, everything was void. The cigarette still burning in my ashtray was foreign and remained untouched. Simple, most basic syntax could not be formed to convey my dilemma to my girlfriend (who had only took two hits, but was severely affected cardiovascular wise) Standing, sitting, rocking, walking, NOTHING could snap me out of it. It was a never ending cycle of terror that kept feeding an unbelievable sense of panic. When I was finally able to form a sentence after about 45 minutes it still didn't register in my head. The effects took over two hours to subside to the point where I wasn't in this horrible state of mind.

    If there is a mental illness that naturally causes feelings like this drug induces, I feel great, great sorrow for those that suffer with it.

    It was the most terrifying experience of my life and I mean that literally. I have zero interest in trying this again at even a much smaller dose. I would not give this shit to a friend, or a stranger, at that, in fear that it may kill them in some way. I have a lot of experience with drugs and am very open minded about them and their alternatives, but this is bad news bears.

    What a waste of 55 USD!

    Sorry this was kind of a rambling post. Thanks to the op for the great insight for me to convey my experience.
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    My Juggernaut with pure JWH-018 
    Super Torch, thank you for your post. I haven't laughed like that in a while. I too smoked waaaaay to much my first day and had a similar experience, but with pure JWH-018. I have a high tolerance for pot so ended up in a bad way. When I mean in a bad way I mean in the top five of scariest experiences in my life. I took too many hits in too short a duration of pure JWH-018 mixed with a bit of kratom leaf (smokes nicely) and ended up a dry heaving into my toilet. Thank god I was by myself unlike the original poster. Dude your girlfriend rocks! Mine, had she been at my apt, would have made things worse and even taken me to the hospital. While I was in the fetal position next to my toilet I my legs and arms had fallen asleep and my my breathing too was out of whack, but probably due to the strange uncontrollable weeping due to everything in my mind seeming overwhelming sad. I thought all of my extended family were dead and that the angel of death was in my apt. Not only in my apt, but in my bathroom doorway. I seriously felt that if I looked at him that I would die, and since I couldn't move I thought I was probably going to die and if I didn't end up totally brain fried and stuck in this intense world of death. I have ridden out a few gruesome mushroom trips, but this was not like that. I, like Super Torch, tried the "just relax and ride this out" line on myself, but the paranoia was just too strong. I thought m/b I had smoke ajax or something and was permanently fried. This is an intensity that I have never felt or want to feel again anytime soon. That being said I eventually made it to my sofa were i crashed out, had vivid dreams, and woke up feeling amazingly refreshed, as if some old cob webs had been cleared out of my head.

    This was a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed my many small does of the remaining pure JWH-018 and I look forward to trying the others. I like that it doesn't make me tired like pot does and that playing music is heightened. As far as trying the others? I feel my mind has expanded on this one so why not continue on? A word to the wise though: try it alone until you find the right dosage and start small, like 3-5 mg and gradually work your way up. And Don't be a dumbass like me a load half a bowl with it. Live and learn...
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    will ferrell smoked "BLACK MAGIC SMOKE" for the first time the other day

    a week ago will ferrell's friend gave him an unlabled baggy of what he was told was a generic k2/spice blend, i.e. essentially inert herbs with jwh-018 or cp-47497 mixed with it. will ferrell smoked all that his friend gave him in three different sessions and found it surprisingly similar to the effects of cannabis. will ferrell would compare it to someone who lives at sea level smoking really schwaggy weed at a really high altitude, or smoking really schwaggy weed in a really small steamy bathroom while in the shower. no where near as good as smoking some dank headies, but a good substitute since will ferrell is on probation for possession of marijuana and gets weekly drug tests.

    flash forward to yesterday. will ferrell wanted some more synthetic cannabinoid blend, so rather than patiently waiting to research it and buy it from a reputable seller online, will ferrell takes his friend's advice that all of the blends are essentially the same and goes to his local headshop. there he sees several different blends, but none of the names are any that will ferrell is familiar with, so he points out the cheapest one, "BLACK MAGIC SMOKE" to the shop keeper and asks if it is the same as k2/spice. the shopkeeper tells him that they are all the same and that this one lasts three to four hours.

    the only thing accurate about what that shopkeeper said is that it lasts three to four hours. will ferrell gets home and rolls himself a really fat joint of the stuff; it is so smooth, so much smoother than the other herb blend that he smoked that he easily smokes the whole thing, inhaling each puff deeply. after about ten minutes will ferrell starts to notice something funny. the light is getting brighter, the colors are getting crisper, he begins to see a burning rainbow effect all around him and in everything, he starts to get that particular feeling will ferrell gets when he starts tripping. by the time will ferrell makes it upstairs to his room every instant becomes an eternity, his life and motions move before him like a strobe light, he perceives all instants past present and future, he becomes aware of all his nerves, veins, arteries, muscles, bones, fat, skin, organs- right down to the individual cell level, but perceiving everything all at once. will ferrell started smoking the joint at 2p.m., he looks at the clock- 2:30 p.m.- fuck!. will ferrell's experience only gets more intense from there. he begins to communicate with god, with all existance, his eyes are open but he only sees a swirl of colors in a vast empty darkness. this lasts for three more hours before will ferrell comes down. will ferrell doesn't sleep that night, he still hasn't slept, he still right now, 24 hours later feels the effects from smoking it.

    will ferrell has smoked more than his share of dmt, salvia, has smoked really dank headies everyday for the past seven years right up until very recently, has done acid, mushrooms, mescaline, ecstasy and a whole bunch of rc's more times than you can shake a stick at; in short will ferrell is about as experienced a tripper as they come.

    but nothing can prepare you for something if you don't know it's coming. this was really fucking intense. luckily will ferrell is so experienced, and has been practicing meditation, otherwise his experience would have been far worse.

    the concern is that someone not as aware and in control as will ferrell might smoke "BLACK MAGIC SMOKE" thinking it is a cannabis alternative. he isn't sure what chemicals may have been added to this mixture, but frankly that is irrelevant if there are any cannabinoids-- the herbs listed in themselves are extremely intense. "BLACK MAGIC SMOKE" should not be sold as a cannabis alternative like it was to will ferrell; will ferrell is extremely upset that he was lied to, not only for himself, but because of his concern for others who may fare far worse than he did.

    will ferrell would compare "BLACK MAGIC SMOKE" to smoking a mixture of 5-meo-dmt and salvia and then snorting a huge line of ketamine, except it lasts for four hours. do not smoke this if you are looking for a legal alternative to cannabis, be smart and research the best one and find a reputable dealer, or do even better and find a reputable seller and get a gram of jwh-018 and an ounce of something like mullein, lavender, sinicuichi, or some other boring herb, and then research how to safely mix them, because it is all over the internet. that way you will know exactly what it is you are smoking, and it will be way way cheaper. it's getting to a point that these "legal highs" are far more dangerous and unregulated than the illegal ones. will ferrell would feel safer doing a pressed ecstasy pill than he would buying another "legal herb" from a head shop, especially without thoroughly researching it first, which doesn't necessarily do much good considering not a single one of them lists all of their ingredients. maybe it might be better to just wait until it is safe for you to smoke real cannabis- no one ever died from that.
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    I had a really similar experience when i ate about 1 gram of spice, thinking it was indeed herbal and after having smoked a lot with no effects. Worst bit about my trip however was that for about 3h i was sober, then bam, hit me when i was on a bus. worst time... I kept getting stuck in loops kind of, literal loops, like licking my lips once then not being able to stop, and seeing the same bus go past the window about 5 times in a row. horrible. About 3hs in tho when i wasn't as fucked up, i felt pretty good. not worth it tho.
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    Well I have to say that I've been smoking JWH-018 for about two weeks now. I would have to say that the best way to smoke it would be either a)off of a foil or b)pyrex pipe. I like method a personally. As far as the drug goes many of my friends have tried it and only one has had a bad experience though. She too described how she felt like she was going to die. She also experienced a lot of vomiting from this. I'm always very conseravative with my dose but I just hold ALL of the hit in and never blow any smoke out. I would say I hold it for prob 10 seconds. The main thing to keep in mind is not matter how bad it is it will be over within a couple of hours. I would suggest drinking lots of fluids and trying to go to sleep. That has worked for me when I felt like the above. I'm very anxious to try the other JWH variants. I'm new to the whole RC arena as a whole but it is certainly amazing to me. Thank goodness for science!
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    JWH 018 is great if treat it with respect 
    I have read all the posts here and first of all you should never smoke raw JWH 018.The first time you got stoned with weed did you smoke ten bowls in 5 minutes.I got stoned the first time in 1974 with Blondie afghan hash.Nobody told me about how much to smoke or how long to hold a hit.I puffed on the pipe like a I would a Cigarette.I experience very much the same reaction that you did with JWH 018.I had never used any psychedelics before that and nobody gave me a clue about what it would be like.I have no idea what your ages are but I am 56 and I have smoked every kind of weed out there.No acid shrooms
    meth Ecstasy for me.I have tried Black Voodoo and Magic gold and I love it.My dealer moved away and I can not find any body to get some good weed from.
    Get a blend like spice or magic and take a pair of tweezers and and just take a little pinch.Inhale for 1 second.In 6 minutes it will hit you.I wait at least 30 minutes before I take another hit.This is great stuff if you watch the dosage.Well I am just an old hippy and I learned a long time ago that any recreational drug that you use should be used with common sense.JWH is as good as the real thing.Slow down and enjoy the experience.Yes having sex on it is also as good as ganja
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    I have been smoking a 50/50 blend of pure JWH-18 and JWH-73 for a while now with very excellent results. The usual dose for is between 5-7mg (about the size of a small pot seed). I usually spread the powder on the tip of a cigarette and light it. Until last night, this method gave me very desirable highs. I had read about bad trips on this stuff in the past, and I was very conscious about getting the dosage right. Well, I was careless and dosed my cig with about 2x what I usually do. It was too much. At first it felt like I was super stoned. The images on the TV were very vivid and seemed to be in 3D. I was feeling great. That changed quickly. My heart started pounding and and the room started to spin. I knew what was happening because I've read descriptions before. I'd been cock-punched by "the fears". I made my way to my bed and kept telling myself to ride it out. It felt like I was sinking into my bed and drowning. I became very aware of every breath I took, as if it would be my last. After laying in the fetal position for about a 1/2 hour I was able to pull myself together enough to get to the toilet and vomit. The whole bad trip lasted about 45 minutes and after that I felt fine (a bit groggy and my stomach hurt a little, but no worse for wear).
    I smoked my usual dose this afternoon, with the expected great results. I'm not ready to give it up. I really enjoy this synthetic, the high is amazing, and it's cheap if you buy it pure online. If you want the super-high, without "the fears", sprinkle a regular dose on a bowl of weed. Stay away from the crap you get in the headshops as there is no way to regulate the dosage. You just don't know how much of the chemical is in there.
    JWH-18 and 73 can be a lot of fun, just be careful with the dosage, 'cos it will kick your ass if you're careless!
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    Just some Notes on this substance 
    I joined this forum because of this subject and to follow my research into this amazing substance. JWH 018 is very new, I researched it for about 2 months before I tried it. I got it and was amazed/shocked. I have been a habitual marijuana smoker for about 9 years. Quitting with no problem for times of 1-6 months varying in there. I am Amazed because of how awesome it is, shocked on how strong it is smoked plain.

    I was looking for something similar to weed, tried a variety of different kinds of spice then figured out how to make my own blend and have been smoking it like that since. I mix approx. 50 grams of mixture (herbs), to one gram of 018. It was still not as strong as some of the blends I have tried, so I enjoy smoking it much more with some For me I am a smoker, hate pills and tried all the rest. This was a great replacement for me.

    First off let me tell you to be careful, it is still new and should be handled carefully. Like any drug you will find your abusers, and it sucks that people out there are like that, cause they ruin it for the responsible users. And they make this stuff look horrible cause they are misusing it. Im not an expert, but I have learned alot by other peoples experiments. People chill out and stop freaking psych yourself out more! I know I did when I tried it straight!

    The first time I tried JWH straight, I was stunned, very anxious, and kind of a dull numb fell over my body....intense( probably cause I smoked it on some of my own blend stuff.) This only lasted for approx. 20 minutes, but seemed longer to me. I felt like my heart was racing...and it was at 170 bpm, I took some deep breaths and the feeling passed. After that I just felt stonnnnned. I was scared to try any more straight, but did the next day, with not so much sprinkled on top, and still felt very anxious...but not as intense and way more enjoyable. I have continued this method for over a month, each time it was better and better, cause I knew what to expect I suppose. I still find that I get a little anxious, but I take a deep breath and I feel better.

    I have been keeping track of my usage and am surpised. I think its amazing....I wish there was more scientific research done on it, but its legal, and in time Im sure their will be some more done. As for now I have got some 073 and 200 on the way to experiment with. I will keep you posted for sure, as I know their is not alot of documentation on these substances.

    I hope this helps anyone careful and be responsible. If anyone has anymore info I would love to know it, I try to find out as much as possible about this stuff.

    DISCLAIMER: In no way, shape, or form am I suggesting that this substance is safe. I am not a scientist, I am just a pot head trying to be legal about what I do, and leaving feedback about my personal experiments. This and all drugs should be handled with care and knowledge. Be Safe!
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    Black magic smoke! 
    Bluelight Crew
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    Ok so I haven't posted in years since i was moddin xtc forums, but I've recently come across "black magic" at a local hookah bar.

    they wouldn't let you smoke it at the bar or buy it and hang out period, but you could take it with you before you left. -As a former mod, you should already know the rules against price discussion- So far I've done it about 4-6 times, and I have very little negative things to say so far.

    As Im writing this i just came in from smoking a mixed bowl of two kinds of hydro w/a pinch of "black magic" and its very nice.

    A couple things I've noticed and have heard from people in regards to black magic only (I'm not sure which analogue is in black magic, previous poster may be right but I won't agree since I'm not sure). To me, it has a much more psychedelic feeling than thc, when i look around at the scenery its almost like tripping, i get that same (although comfortably mild)static feeling around my face that Salvia gives me. Roomate said he read online that it affects the 'gamma receptors' 5x stronger than thc, which is where the paranoia comes from, but then the guy at the shop said its not always so much paranoid, but maybe a little jittery if you're used to the normal stuff. And this little 19 year old kid at the hookah bar was actually right. All i felt was a little jump/jittery, trouble sitting still, which being ADD is nothin out of the ordinary.

    My roomates have all enjoyed it, the most consistent things I have felt from it is a trippier, slightly jittery, high feeling that lasts for about an hour or two. I've smoked mostly 1 bowl at a time from a pyrex pipe. It feels like a strong body high w/an underlying tryptamine feel, and a little bit of visual stimulation (nothing's moving).

    Im even considering setting up a little store, although from what I hear it looks like the snowballs already rolling...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 000888 View Post
    My girlfriend was reluctant as she thought it would encourage future use
    LOL, funny to see some notion of classical conditioning - she's not a psych major is she? As if you would now correlate smoking JWH-018 and getting a bj.

    Excellent report though, you describe the effects well.
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    I have gotten way more paranoia from weed than LSD, shrooms, etc ever gave me. Any one else feel this way?
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    I am definitely down to try JWH=018 or any of the "spices" actually. Curiosity is a problem for me... it's the basic reason why I eventually try everything. I'm not going to try spice until I've read everything I can find about it though. Thanks everyone for the trip reports. If there are other places on the web that I should look that I might have missed, post a link for me please? I want to experience the good it has to offer and avoid that bad if that is at all possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ugly View Post
    I am definitely down to try JWH=018 or any of the "spices" actually. Curiosity is a problem for me... it's the basic reason why I eventually try everything. I'm not going to try spice until I've read everything I can find about it though. Thanks everyone for the trip reports. If there are other places on the web that I should look that I might have missed, post a link for me please? I want to experience the good it has to offer and avoid that bad if that is at all possible.
    This should answer almost any question you have about JWH-018 and the assorted other synths, far from ugly.

    [Mega]Synthetic Cannabinoid Discussion
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    Thanks HNIF. I will check it out now.
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