Thread: Help asap!!! Iv xanax!! How to!!!

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    Help asap!!! Iv xanax!! How to!!! 
    What do i add? watter, boil then ad acid (viniger/lime juice) re cook and shoot? please ASAP i took 4 .25's and i have 3 left and i rawling out of my skin PLEASE HELP!!

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    Wow, please don't shoot Xanax. It's not water soluble. You sound like a fucking moron, please don't try shooting Xanax or any pills for that matter, it can kill you.

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    Benzodiazepines have a high oral bioavailability. When injected, there is just a quicker onset. No rush. While you are waiting for a response, you could be well on your way to feeling better by having just taken them orally.

    Dig the Case Studies thread in Other Drugs for further explanation on why it is unsafe to inject pills.

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    Xanax is supposed to be taken orally, not intravenously. That's why it comes as tablets.

    Not everything can be shot directly into your veins.

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    im surprised no one has mentioned....

    sniff it! crush it up, and sniff it into your nose.

    i have no idea why ur freaking out, but it seems like your intentions for IV injecting the drug is a quicker onset. sniffing it will be almost, if not just as quick, as injecting.

    i almost always sniff my xanax, and it hits me almost instantly, within a few seconds at the longest. i'm usually at peak effects within a minute.

    usually when i do it, i pass out before i can even lay down

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    You can plug or take benzos sublingually for quick onset and less risk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by king bee View Post
    sniff it! crush it up, and sniff it into your nose.
    snorting benzos actually makes them take longer to come on. sublingual is probably the fastest route, in all truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
    You can plug or take benzos sublingually for quick onset and less risk.
    Try his advice^.

    And this thread is ridiculous, do some research about bio-availability of the drugs you use. Or continue to shoot a plethora of powder into your veins fool. Good luck

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    dont shoot xanax

    its a waste.. eat them if you feel that bad

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    why would you even want to shoot xanax, cmon son. fuck outta here

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    i know how bad it feels to need xanax. but don't shoot them, don't snort them, just fucking eat them.

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    don't shoot xanax, you could kill yourself....

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    oral BA is high already with a quick onset. why IV?

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    Don't shoot lemon/lime juice either, use citric acid or vinegar if you value your vision. If you were to shoot pills, boiling just releases more fillers and binders into the solution.

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    i bang everything that can be banged but ive come to know that you cant bang a couple things xanax being one of them, methadone being another, etc

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    Midazolam is a benzo that is definitely worth IVing.

    All other benzos (save for flurazepam with a small benzo tolerance) are better meant for oral use. Unless you get those nifty ampules.

    I hate to break it to the OP but 1mg is barely any xanax to a benzo addict - why don't you stop taking benzos, then enjoy a 0.5mg dose when your tolerance has dropped back down, leaving one last 0.5mg dose for another special occasion?

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    Shooting them or snorting them is pointless really, just eat them

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    no one answered the fucking question. is alprazolam soluble in acids?

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    WTF does that mean? ^^^
    And to everyone who just decided to flame me and call me a asshole. fuck urself.
    I asked a fucking question, and because i asked a question im a fool, a cmon son get the fuck outa here, and a fucking moron?
    Srsly? i thought this was a place where it was ok to ask these questions? am i wrong?
    so i guess its either trial and error and risk doing it myself to find the results or come here to ask and be flamed to fucking hell about it.

    Honestly everyone who flamed me should mapquest there way to the nearest bridge and fucking jump off it.

    thnx for ur advice.

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    ^Bluelight is a place for questions. The folly of injecting benzodiazepines in common knowledge here, and some people get pretty pretentious about questions that are asked 10x per week, whether they should or not. Do not worry about it. Just follow the advice.

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    People flamed you because shooting xanax is a very, very stupid idea.

    A quick google search would have confirmed that fact.

    You WILL get flamed on BL for asking about things that may well kill you, especially when you put "URGENT HELP NEEDED ASAP" in the title.

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    OP, bluelight has became a very very judgemental place lately.

    BUT, they are all right, shooting xanax is a horrible idea...the onset is quick and the bioavailability high. (you won't gain much by shooting it)

    that being said alcohol, alprazolam is soluble in alcohol. . . Which you must dillute heavily because it will burn your veins bad, perhaps even damage them.

    now do you see why its not worth doing

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    Why shoot alprazolam? its like the fastest-acting of all benzos! just take them orally like everybody else has suggested to you, after you're feeling better, go read the Case Studies thread over on Other Drugs.

    PS I'm on alprazolam right now! I took 3 bars- the GG 249 ones

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    PLEAAASE GUYS, Need superhelp immediately. ASAP.
    I NEED to shoot weed right now, i smoked a bit before but now i need to IV it. What do i do? Should i cook it in gasoline with soy sauce? Or should i powder it an mix it with cocacola which is an acid?

    OMFG PLEASE this is so urgent. MUST SHOOT WEED. Please respond ASAP.

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