Thread: How to smoke meth with jet lighter???

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    How to smoke meth with jet lighter??? 
    Could anyone please give me the method for smoking meth with a jet lighter? I heard you can get a lot more smoke out of it, I just don't know how to do it. When I tried I just seemed to burn the meth and waste it.

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    i thought it was crack you used the torch lighters for. though i have no idea. not my field, you know?

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    Oh yeah you can smoke either way, just comes down to difference in technique.. I am outta bic lighters and I cant be arsed going down to the shops to grab a new one (well not until I'm high anyway )

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    I've tried both (even a jet lighter with 3 flames!) and I prefer regular Bic lighters hands-down.

    They burn more slowly and gently, letting you get a longer hit without as much wastage.

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    aim the shit away from your eyebrows for starters, and play with the flame, in all in all, go to a store that sells those 'pen'torch lighters, the ones at the quickE mart can cause serious damage if left somewhere other then ur pocket or somewhere room temp!

    practice setn the flame up like a gas grill, sept u want to NOT COOK THE SHIT, all u gota do is get it hot enough to melt ALL liquid and the key is not to turn the shit black, once it turns 2 peanutbutter or w,e u got roll that bitch back n forth WITH NO TORCH!
    then switch back 2 a bic.

    lol btw didnt mean 2 bring up old thread,its #ust i tried this 2nite n got ringer.

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    Use a bic, torch lighters get too hot.
    I get the most out of mine by heating it as gently as possible, as soon as it starts sputtering I know it's too hot and is beginning to burn.
    EDIT: also the increase in smoke you've been told about could also be attributed to burning the meth

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    One of my friends used a jet lighter the high was way better I felt good and got shit done but when I use a bic my stuff last longer and I don't get as much a rush like I did when we used the jet
    I wanna get a jet so when I'm in the car parked somewhere or where it's kinda windy I won't have to worry about my flame dancing
    Even if I have to hold the flame really low from my pickle
    I think it may work

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