Thread: How long does it take a physical addiction to oxycodone to develop?

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    How long does it take a physical addiction to oxycodone to develop? 
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    Sorry if this has been asked before. I've recently gotten my hands on some oxycodone and have been using it at night time. I don't exceed 40 to 50mg a night.
    i was wondering, if i use it most days (or everyday), how long does it take for a physical addiction to take place? I know that this comes down to individual differences alot, but I'm concerned as to how long it would take before I suffered withdrawal symptoms.
    I do enjoy it alot, and find myself topping up doses quite regularly once I start. If I had a large quantity I don't think it would be hard for me to become addicted to it. fortunately, I only have 3 80mg tablets left, so i won't get anymore after this becasue I'm worried about getting addicted.
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    40 to 50 mg is a LOT for someone with no physical dependence. if you dont already have an addiction, youre about to get one soon. it takes about a month of steady opiate use to develop a physical dependency, but youre well on your way with your dosages. quit while youre ahead buddy.
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    the first time i got truly sick was after about a weeks usage (heroin, however). i had been "chipping" for over a year though and had previously experience discomfort from using a couple days in a row. i would say if you have used a week straight or so, you are going to have some WDs.

    oh and ditto, 50 mg still does a lil something for me- so it sounds like you already have a nice habit started.
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    if you were to keep on with the regime you've got going at the moment then it would be likely for you to have built up a physical dependence within 2-3 weeks, by a month it will be a sure bet. with the dosages you're taking it's likely to be on the shorter end of the scale. a few weeks of use wouldn't have you shitting and pissing your pants every 10 mins but you'll definitely feel the discomforts of an opiate withdrawal; sweating, nausea, insomnia, muscle aches, cramps, etcetera etcetera.

    since this is a basic question i'll move this over to BDD for you. you'll find a lot of useful threads throughout OD with the search function as well and don't forget the OD Directory.
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    probably 3 or 4 weeks till you'll be properly addicted
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