Thread: How long after Methadone can I take Suboxone?

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    How long after Methadone can I take Suboxone? 
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    I am getting off of Banging about 100mg of morphine and 90mg of oxyxodone a day. I have been taking methadone for the past 4 days, I did 40mg a day for the first 2 days. now I have been taking 1 10mg Done in the morning and another at night. I will be out of them tommorow. how long after this can I take some suboxone? I know that the done stays in your system a lot longer than anything else, and I have heard the horrors of taking Sub while you still have an opiate active in your system. thanks for all your help
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    it's generally around the 72 hour mark that you're going to be ok to dose the bupe. i would hold off on dosing the bupe until you start going through the initial stages of withdrawal

    check out the bupe mega thread in OD, it's a great source of info.
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