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    Ok first of all never take this much please.

    So me and my friend decided to get some unisom from the store and i was down because i have done it before and he wanted to try it. After we get it from the store(stole it) we decide to take 1000mg each because before when i took 600-700 it wasnt that great. His dad wouldnt let him stay so i told him to try not to leave his room as much as possible i didnt want him getting in trouble. So its about 12am, half hour after i took them it feels usual, seeing things out of the corner of my eyes like my room is trying to show me things. Little bit later hearing voices of recent people i talked to telling me random things i dont rember what they said now but it was it was so clear i thought they were in my room with me and responded to them then looked around and nobody was there so i knew i was trippin out really bad. I go to go to get a drink or so i though and i get in back in my room and i had no drink and thought "did i even go out there?" cuz i rember getting the drink and carrying it into my room with me, so i went back out there very hard to walk i fell on the floor and i get up quickly hoping i didnt wake my perents. Now i am sitting at my computer staring at myspace home page spaced out, i see some bloody flesh sitting right infront of my keyboard. I freak out and run and turn my light on i look again and it was gone. I go outside to smoke a cigarette. i see a raccoon on the side of a house eating somthing i rub my eyes and look up and its gone. I go back inside and go to take off my shoes and i realized i wasnt wearing any shoes when i rember putting them on. Then im completely unaware of what im doing, blacked out. I wake up sevral times seeing my dad sleeping against the wall of my bed not knowing what is going on. I wake up that morning still tripping and my parents tell me that i went into their room and was falling all over i woke them up and they realized i was tripping on somthing. they said they stayed up all night watching me and almost called the hospital. They said i was trying to text people when my texting dosent work anymore, spitting on the floor, talking to people who wernt there and freaking out. I really wish i woulda had control over that cuz i dont think my parents will ever see me the same. I dont recommend taking over 600mg, that is unless you want to do somthing you are not aware of.

    My friend said he saw a deer on his dads truck, tried to hand me a cigarette and i turned to dust and flew out the window, saw my other friend and looked away then he turned out to be a guitar hero guitar.

    I really think if you take enough this has worse hallucinations then acid. Have fun.
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    "hoping i didnt wake my perents"...."outside for a cigarette"
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarioTrip View Post
    Ok first of all never take this much please.


    I really think if you take enough this has worse hallucinations then acid. Have fun.
    Most lulzy way to start and end a trip report.

    "Worse" hallucinations...
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