Thread: Cheratussin ac syrup. And hydrocodone

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    Cheratussin ac syrup. And hydrocodone 
    Ok I have about 40ml of the syrup good for any
    recreational use? Nothing else on bottle other than that.. No "w/ codiene" or anything and I'm getting bunch of hydrocodone pills pretty sure the m363 ones best way to take those? Never tried parachuting or cwe any suggestions? Thanks a lot guys!
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    If it is indeed Cheratussin ac, then it does have codeine in it. I believe 10mg/5mL. However it also has guaifenesin. Drinking the whole thing will only give you 80mg codeine which isn't that much....

    As for the hydrocodone, I'm not sure how naive you are to opiates so a CWE depends on how much hydrocodone you need to take. I recommend parachuting them on an empty stomach. If you only need to take around 20mg of hydrocodone to feel it there is no need to use a CWE. If you are planning on taking a quantity of hydrocodone that will by default contain 3,000-4,000 mg of acetaminophen then I suggest doing a CWE.

    There are a lot of variables here that you haven't really elaborated on in terms of your tolerance, experience etc. and these do play a role in dosages and CWE. Hopefully my info helps out. Cheers..
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    The hydrocodone are the 500mg ones with apap I believe and I've snorted them a lot not really felt anything :S so I guess my tolerance isn't too high and I also haven't messed with codiene for a couple months does that help at all?

    those are the pills
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    Don't snort vics! They have tylenol and a shitload of binders in them... Just crush them up and swallow them... Seems like your tolerance isn't high at all so you might feel something from the codeine. As for the vicodin, take 2 or 3 pills crushed and see how you feel. It will be safe with that amount of tylenol and its relatively hard to "take too much" hydrocodone..
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    Well you could drink the syrup, and take a couple of the hydros, that way you will get high. I dont know what dose you should take, so you should wait for someone else to come along to answer that question. But I think your best bet would be to drink the syrup with a couple of hydros.
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    Yeah, I was stupid back then, and what about parachuting a couple of them? Good idea or just straight swallow?
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    just swallow them, that's the best way to take them.

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    I get cheratussin ac all the time from the drug store and it is 10 mg/ per teaspoon and 100 mg per teaspoon, but the total codeine amount is 230 mg but you have to ingest over a 1000 mg of guafinesen to get that much
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