Thread: Dilaudid And Drug Tests?

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    Dilaudid And Drug Tests? 
    I tried using the search as I figured that it would turn up, but nothing turned up.

    So my question is, does hydromorphone turn up on drug tests?

    Ive already checked erowid, and it says no, but I dont know how old the info on there is, plus friends have said both that it does and doesnt. So to those of you with experience with this, does it?

    Also if it does, how long would it take for a 6'3 255 lb male to pass a UA after having dosed?

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    I'm not sure exactly what a UA test is but 12-panel drug tests, test for natural opiates (heroin etc.) and oxycodone, so on a test like that i'd assume any hydrocodone/hydromorphone should be fine, but the real question is; do these tests that test for oxycodone and other synthetic opiates test for reminants of actual hydrocodone/oxycodone? or what the body converts the hydocodone and oxycodone into, i.e. hydromorphone and oxymorphone.

    I don't know enough about testing but assuming that these tests can only test for the actual drug that is listed (oxyCODONE, and not oxymorphone (and same with hydro...whatever)) then you should be fine. You need to find out what these tests actually test for specifically, not just what they will confirm you've taken.

    p.s. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that UA is Urine Analysis, which is what the 12-panel test i was talking about is as well, fyi.

    p.p.s. try this, , you really just need to find out how intense the test your getting is.
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    I found my test. Its a USD Pro Screen Dip Card, 5 panel. Yes Hydromorphone is on it.

    Opiates 300ng/ml
    Opiates 2000ng/ml

    So based off of that, does anyone know how long it would take for a 255lb 6'3 male to test clean?

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    well hydromorphone has a half life of only 3-4 hours ( so i mean you should be clean in like a day or 2 MAX i would THINK, and it's excreted renally (pissed out essentially) so it's not like your body stores hydromorphone like it stores thc in your fat.

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    Ooops. No DT dicussion
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    Basic Drug Discussion
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    We are not supposed to have drug test discussion here, sorry.

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    google is your friend when it comes to drug testing BL doesn't allow drug test discussion as said above

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    You guys know this thread is three years old right? That test has been passed or failed a long time ago. I think opanaman was specifically looking for one that fell through the cracks for some reason. Perhaps the no DT rule wasn't even in place then.

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    Closed. PM me if you have any questions.

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