Thread: Why is methadone so hard to quit?

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    Why is methadone so hard to quit? 
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    Even at 3 mg's, methadone is soooooooo painfull to stop... allthough i believe it on equals about 30mg's of codeine which is not a lot... granted methadone lasts longer...

    but can anyone enlight me on why its sooo much harder than other opiates to quit?
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    It's the closest pain pill to heroin...heroin is the hardest drug to quit, in my opinion. They give methadone to heroin addicts when they are trying to come off. It's a pretty intense opiate even at low dosages.
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    The closest pain pill thats like heroin would be morphine, but methadones very long half life makes it hard to quit as the withdrawls are drawn out so much longer than other opiates,
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