Thread: Dilaudid: Nasal or Rectal?

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    Dilaudid: Nasal or Rectal? 
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    Ook so I'm bout to get a few dillies tonight (not sure what mg yet)

    I know everyone's going to say shoot it! but I'm trying to stay away from the needle as long as possible, my addiction is bad enough already..

    Simple question:

    If you were getting Dilaudid tonight and you had the choice between snorting or plugging which would you do? What would you say gives a better high?

    I'm trying to get the most out of these things so any advice is appreciated
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    do a small CWE and either Drink it or Plug it.

    that just seems like too much binder and other stuff i don't want in my nose.

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    I'd say plug it. I remember snorting an 8 mg dillie a few times with really no effects at all. I know you already mentioned this but IV is the best route. My advice would be to sell the D's and get some OC's or dope

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    A CWE on dillies? They're not that big.

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    bioavailibility is highest when snorted.

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    I enjoyed snorting it when I didn't slam it.

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    i just had some dilaudid recently, and the best method i found is to plug. other members said that the reason the dilaudid bioavailability isn't as high when administered rectally is due to the fact that most of the participants probably didn't have a recent bowel movement before the drugs were administered, which has a huge effect on how much is absorbed.

    i would definitely plug for better effects. the high also lasts longer than when snorted i've found.

    here are some other threads i created recently for more info about dilaudid.:

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    i would snort it. but thats cuz thats what i do. i have never plugged anything and i have thought about it before and the only drug i would use rectally is diazepam rectal cream which i have seen a legit commercial for on youtube.

    *uh oh, having a panic attack; lemme lather up my bung hole*

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    Go Rectal, you can sniff em all day. but with dills the best way i belive is to plugg em if ur not slammin em.
    im sure u can find a good method on how to prepare them.

    what mg are they btw?

    and please don't plug me, i didn't do anything wrong

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    plug'em difinitely. Snorting them will do just fine to but you'll get more bang for your buck if you plug them ( the high will last longer that way also). It really depends on what you like snorting them= a quicker onset but the high won't last as long or plug them= won't hit you as quick but it will last longer.

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    I'd gander that plugging would be your best bet. The dilly high is all about the rush/onset and plugging any opiate tends to be about on par with IM as far as that aspect goes. It obviously isn't as good as IV but your veins will thank you later.

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    If you have much of a tolerance, I find the high from snorting them to be quite boring, especially if your used to oxys or something. No matter how many I sniff it doesnt seem that great, plugging seems to provide a much better high

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    how would one rectally administer this drug without an oral/anal syringe?

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    ive always snorted dillies, im not an iv user.

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    Go for the plug with this one. And lol @ "lather up bunghole" hahahaha

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    Pretty Easy Actually 
    Quote Originally Posted by LittlebyLittle View Post
    how would one rectally administer this drug without an oral/anal syringe?

    Bu going to any pharmacy and asking for an oral syringe. They are free and usually come in three sizes: 1 mL, 5 mL, and 10 mL. On occasion, I've seen some 3 mL once.

    Any-who, the one you want is the 5 mL. They will usually just hand it to you, no questions asked. But if you get a snotty tech, then just tell them that you put the one that "came in the box" in the dishwasher and all the numbers washed off.

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    Don't listen to the chemist. The guy is obviously a complete moron. If you consume hydromorphone orally it is a COMPLETE waste. Even someone who is opiod naive, would probably need 12-16mg to get a nice nod going.

    Rectally or Nasally on the other hand, I had a slight tolerance going, and 24mg insufflated had me throwing up profusely feeling absolutely AMAZING. Please be very careful and go slowly depending on your tolerance.

    All that being said, there is literally no better rush (even good dope), then IV dilaudid. The full body pins and needles sensation is so absolutely overwhelming that it causes my head to sway....Oh GOD what a wonderful feeling!!!

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    So I'm an ex heroin addict so bad I have no more veins and have had to plug for my final years using. I was just recently in the hospital for two surgeries and then just this week a skin graft. After surgeries was on massive amounts oxy and now dilaudid. I'm pissed I will not get a chance to slam any of the dilaudid because in the hospital they did do a femeral IV and I had a PCA pump of dilaudid the first few days can't even tell you how sweet it was. When I got home they sent me with 500 4mg tablets of dilaudid and I was prescribed to take 4 every 3 hours. We all know oral bio of this drug sucks. I decided to try plugging twice that amount due to my tolerence. The first night it helps with pains and withdrawals but no real high or euphoria. I equated this to a single factor which was I hadn't shit in days even before being admitted. This morning finally took a dump and am waiting for my most recent plug to kick in. I always had great expierences plugging h so I'm hopeing this works for now. My only option if not I guess is to wait till I'm home and get more h or see if they can switch me to liquid d. Though also despite my giant dump earlier I did not get everything cleaned out. A clean shoot is really the best way to increase your high from my previous times plugging h. Any comments or suggestion on how to up my high? Just plugged 32 mgs.

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    We don't allow these sorts of threads, and if you search our forum using the search engine you can find loads of information on how best to use hydromorphone.

    Nasal bioavailability is higher than rectal with hydromorphone, around 50% I believe, so Intranasal would be more efficient if those were the only two ROA's at my disposal.

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