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    Syringe Exchange - North Carolina 
    Bluelight administrators / moderators: Please repost in the appropriate thread:

    SEP's (syringe exchange programs) in North Carolina are not supported by the authorities, and operate on a grass roots "underground" level. With that being said, there are SEP's in the state on NC.

    Needle Exchange Program Ashville (NEPA)
    Asheville, NC
    Phone: 828-274-8397

    North Carolina Syringe Access
    Greensboro, NC
    Phone: 336-987-2540

    Twin City Harm Reduction Initiative
    Winston-Salem, NC
    Phone: 336-705-9881

    Triangle Health Collective
    Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill
    Phone: 593-9610

    All have different methods of distribution, and offer a variety of services other than syringe exchange.

    Those interested in Harm Reduction can also check with the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition:
    Phone:(336) 543- 8050

    A national list of SEP's can be found at:
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    Damn good post, thank you.

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    dude theres an entire syrine exchange thread,ask a mod to put it there. this doesnt need its own thread at all. No offense, not trying to be meaning. look a couple posts or maybe a page or two down you find it bro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PureLife View Post
    dude theres an entire syrine exchange thread,ask a mod to put it there. this doesnt need its own thread at all. No offense, not trying to be meaning. look a couple posts or maybe a page or two down you find it bro.
    No I think this is perfect as it's own thread, and this is why. It says that it is NOT supported by the government and is therefore run as an "underground, grassroots" operation. People could risk getting in trouble with Johnny Law or other local/state authorities. People wanting to participate in such should be aware of the risk (even if its minimal) before they go walking/driving the streets with used needles in their pockets, ya know?

    To the OP - THANK YOU for posting this. I think a lot of people will find this helpful. Although I wish that they would consider opening one/setting one up; in Charlotte, NC. Its a pretty large city and an emerging heroin hub for the east coast.

    Article on Charlotte's growing heroin problem:

    Thanks again for FYI!
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    Yeah, NC isn't supposed to have SEP's from what I know; if the laws don't support them I would be afraid of getting busted at one.

    Hence, there's a DC SEP that serves the MD/VA area.
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    CH or anyone, do you know why exactly NC (or other states for that matter) isn't supposed to have "proper, legal" SEP's? Is it just a state thing that each state has to work out or is it something different?
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    North Carolina in the House I'm 35 min. away from greensboro I'm in eden NC...
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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but in the interest of harm reduction and personal safety I feel that I need to mention this.

    I just called the Winston-Salem one....The guy was not only rude, but downright nasty. Sounded like a thug IMO, I asked a simple question and he flips out on me.

    Not someone I would trust with my life at all.
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    I use NEPA in asheville and have for years. Never be afraid to call. Mr. Harney is amazing. Will provide as little or as much as whatever you may need. Seriously. No personal information is ever asked for. I am posting his name and an alternate telephone number with his permission.
    [snip - no phone numbers, especially if they're someone elses - leftwing]
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    I know Mr. Harney hehe He is very interesting....He told me that the state or city of asheville got wind of what he was doing and stopped it. So now he has 1000s of syringes in his residence. He said if you call him, he will just meet with you in person...He is really cool.

    I live in charlotte and there is no SEP here. Eventhough heroin is like the biggest and fastest drug in this area...You can thank Mexico!

    Thanks Mexico

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    I see no one has wrote in this the longest time..I just moved from ny and was seeing how it was down here..with the ex change and all...
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    ^First off syringes are OTC and cheap. A few pharmacist at chain stores will be dicks but even at CVS you can get needles. If you can't afford them then I don't know about any exchanges but think the exchanges are illegal because your getting needles with intent to use and thus it counts as paraphanalia. AFAIK anyway.
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