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    2C-I vs Acid 
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    I wanted to get acid for my wednesday night, but instead I got 2C-I.
    I just wondered how similar it is to acid and what to expect?

    I figured the best way to find out is to ask people who have tried it before

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    It's nothing like acid. Apples & oranges etc.

    2ci is more a strictly recreational psychedelic. It gives you sparkly visuals and a good time with giggles, none of the deep spiritual stuff you get on acid.

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    Its more of a really trippy stimulant than a true psychedelic. That said, I think its a pretty nice compound. I recommend 18-22mg for a good time.

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    I agree. I would say that 2C-I is more of a stimulant with visuals, rather than a serious psychedelic. It's a very shallow experience, but it can be a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend taking it with some friends.

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    Well personally I wouldn't call 2C-I necessarily "shallow," as I've had some deep revelations on this compound. But they aren't cosmic revelations about the nature of existence like with LSD, they tend to be simpler insights into your everyday life as a human. Its a very down-to-earth chemical, and can be very useful and certainly enjoyable.

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    ^ I second!

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    2c-e is a lot closer to acid effect-wise than 2c-i

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Tripz420 View Post

    2c-e is a lot closer to acid effect-wise than 2c-i
    Yup I agree wholeheartedly... 2c-i is kinda like "psychedelic coke", only it lasts much much longer than coke of course. Not all that much of a mind fuck, I have played a game of cards with sober friends while on 20mg which is a can be a somewhat high dose for some.

    I can only get serious visuals from doses of 2c-i that are uncomfortably stimulating... it is def not worth trying to get OEV's with the drug because at heroic doses the amphetamine side effects worsen exponentially!

    2c-e is FAR more psychedelic and LSD-like... but not quite as cosmic as LSD. With a high enough dose the visuals can be crazier than acid visuals... at a dose still comfortable and not over-speedy.

    2c-e (and LSD) is a better drug IMO, but if you need to keep your cool or are in more social situation then 2c-i can be a great recreational drug... not as euphoric as MDMA or anything but it does feel like rolling a little, with some nice CEV's and a psychedelic glow.

    That's my take... I think 2c-e and 2c-i, along with 2c-b, are the best and safest RC's around. LSD is the safest of all psychedelics, though.

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    I find any 2Cx is far easier on the brain than LSD, and maybe more visual, has a more speedy MDMA like comeup (especially when sniffed or IM'ed), and faar easier to communicate your feelings on, but thats just my 02

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    2c-i has alway been a fun experience for me, although I have never gone above 20mg's. It feels about half as good body wise as MDMA and has about half the mental of cid. i I always tell first time trippers to start off with a low dose of 2c-i before diving head first into acid space, but that just my opinion.

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    Good comments so far.

    You can find out the differences between the substances by reading what other people have to say about them.

    Here's the Big&Dandy 2C-I thread, The Big & Dandy LSD thread (be sure to check out the subthreads and links on the first page)

    I'm going to close this for now.

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