Thread: Rectal Xanax?

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    Rectal Xanax? 
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    Has anyone plugged xanax before? Are there any advantages in bioavailability, as opposed to oral?

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    No bio-avalability advantages, benzos have such a high BA orally that any other ROA isn't even worth it, including IV (such a small difference it wouldn't be noticeable, only rate of absorption would)
    The only thing that would be effected would be rate of absorption, which would be increased producing a faster onset, just below that of IV, without all the risks

    Be safe, have fun,


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    Not to mention the fact that alprazoloam isn't water soluble, I doubt plugging Xanax would produce effects comparable to taking it orally. Just eat them.

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    Never plugged xanax but I snort mine all the time. Hits me a hell of a lot faster than oral..
    Oh ya can't wait till refill day on Monday..

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    just sublingual the xanax.ive injected it before and i was like wtf its the same so i doubt analing xannies will be stronger

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    Can't you plug benzos with milk/cream since they are soluble in fat?but benzo oral b/a and onset is fast as the time you prepped it to be plugged you'd be starting to tingle had you taken it orally

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    Don't plug them. Works well with some drugs but not alprazolam. If you want to try to have them kick in a little bit quicker try taking them subllingually. Let them dissolve under your tounge. (They taste absolutley bitter and nasty, and try not to swallow).

    This may help them kick in a little faster, but don't expect an IV rush of Xanax.

    Oh yeah... don't try to IV Xanax either. Please, just don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxyrisin2 View Post
    Never plugged xanax but I snort mine all the time. Hits me a hell of a lot faster than oral..
    Oh ya can't wait till refill day on Monday..
    man, what a waste! Such a low BA insufflated. If I put 2 mg's (using the chalky peaches) under my tongue I can feel it hit me in 10 min tops... peak seems to hit around 45 min... What isn't absorbed into my blood stream under the tongue goes into my tummy where the BA is somewhere in the 90%'s (without looking it up).

    Plugging waste... Snorting much bigger waste. No argument about it

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    thanks this thread just saved my butts virginity

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    i read all anal absorbtion of drugs is better than oral, little bit less than nostril and probably way less than IV.

    anyway if u take something oraly, best way to get it better, faster is anally.

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    Just take it orally unless you like to stick things in your ass... Why not just wait the five extra minutes for it to kick in? Just pop thouse mothers! ;P

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    was not really any need to drag this thread up from the dumps of BDD, gonna close it up unless anyone has any opposition.

    Feel free to talk as much as you like about plugging xanax in the social thread that is linked in my signature below.

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