Thread: Heroin Bag/Stamp Image Collection Thread - And Size/Dimensions Question

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    Heroin Bag/Stamp Image Collection Thread - And Size/Dimensions Question 
    Hello all, if this thread looks somewhat familiar, that's because I posted a similar one yesterday but unintentionally broke a rule so I made this one so that I could still get some of the information I need and so people can see various designs that are being printed on glassine bags used for heroin distribution.

    I'm was also hoping someone could tell me the standard dimensions/size of a glassine bag used to package heroin. I read in a news report that the ones found in a recent raid were about 1" x 2.5," but I wanted to know if this was the standard size and if those were the exact dimensions or just an estimate. Thanks.

    If you have any images on your computer or saved in your bookmarks of these glassine heroin bags, please share them with the community. Specifically I'm curious to see what some common designs are for a sculpture I want to make, and I've always been interested in drug-related art like blotter designs and I would imagine that there are some really interesting stamp designs out there. I couldn't find much variety in a google search, but I've posted what I was able to find.

    Obama will ruin your life:

    Can't really make out the designs in this one, but maybe someone knows where a larger version of this image can be found?

    DEA Brand, haha:

    Get high or die trying, how appropriate:

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