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    (MDPV/200 mg) Euphoria, dysphoria and incredible horniness 
    Hi there,

    I wanted to post a trip report for this fairly new legal product partly as a warning to those thinking of indulging.

    Moderators - I hope this is allowed - in no way am I discussing sources but I think important to warn/inform people about this product as it is a new one and starting to emerge on the market.

    Firstly, I understand that everyone reacts differently to substances and in some respects I could be considered pretty reckless in this instance. However I am sure that there is a lot more room for recklessness with this one and so think it is important for people to be aware of the strength of this product (by some standards we were sensible and with less research we would have done ALOT more to start!).
    In summary the whole experience was not necessarily negative (IMO there is no such thing as a bad experience, just experience) but I could see how it could have got a great deal worse.

    I have not posted this to be lectured on being irresponsible (me and my girlfriend will compartmentalise this experience to help shape our future behaviour, if anything it was needed to be frank).

    Secondly, apologies if this is a little long winded – I fancy myself as a novelist (which clearly I am not), and am also at work trying to put off working.

    Finally please note that doses are very rough in this report (and also I think that, if this product does contain MDPV diluted with filler, then how can you even know how much MDPV you are taking? if in powder could you just be unlucky and get all the MDPV in one go? Answers on a postcard)

    So, some background info etc. Am mid 20’s with a wealth of drug experience; relating to this report am fairly experienced with stimulants (cocaine, amphetamine, crystal meth etc.).

    Purchased 200mg of this product “Ivory Wave” (bought from a headshop and I was hoping it would be 3-FMC/ Flephedrone which I greatly enjoy).

    My girlfriend and I had been out all day at an art exhibition with a friend and once we got home I looked up this substance on the internet. As with all these new legal highs (bath salts...) you can never really know what is in them unless an analysis has been done. However with this one there is little to no information I could find from a Google search at this stage, other than potentially it could contain MDPV. Hmmm – a little worrying for me.

    Following this I was a little bit disappointed, as was hoping it would be Fleph or Meph (which I like). SO I put it in the cupboard (well left it on the desk) with the view that I would not touch it, given I did not know what on earth was in it......
    (OK, so that should be the end of the trip report but clearly not, otherwise the title would be a bit misleading)...........

    So, fast forward, after a couple of drinks and meeting some friends at the pub we go back to theirs and embark on a little coke session. Had a real good night (Me and GF had about 0.75g of good quality coke between us and quite a few beers). Lots of good conversation etc. and had a lovely evening. Fantastico. Marvellistic.

    Me and my girl rocked back home at about 4am or so, a little high and generally in good spirits. By this time we had already decided that we would try a little of this (brown) substance just to see - we are curious cats.
    You know what happens to that cat though; curiosity got the better of it, RIP.

    So, from the 200mg I made a couple of tiny lines (N.B. all doses in this report are eyeballed and so I know I can’t be accurate) – they were VERY small anyhow (about 10mg?). (NOTE ALSO THAT PACKET SAID 200mg - COULD HAVE BEEN MORE OR LESS).

    Did them, waited 15 – 20 minutes – nothing bad happened (and nothing good happened, perhaps a little lift).

    We are being responsible here (or are we?)....

    Right, OK. Let’s make some slightly bigger ones, this time about 30-50mg (again all guesswork but they were small, compared to lines of other substances I take, I reckon 40mg, probably less).

    Hardly any sting from this.

    The effects of this little line were definitely felt. A very Adrenal rush, quite clear headed at this stage. We were very talkative and the body rush was more physical IMO.
    I mean this in the sense there was a real push, fast heart rate, pumping body that I would consider not a Euphoric rush but a physical one if that makes sense. However I would still consider this ‘Euphoric’ (in the sense I felt good). We were thinking pretty fast and conversation flowed.

    Also I am now feeling FUCKING horny. More so than any other drug I have ever taken (even meth!). Me and my girlfriend look up some more information on this drug on the net. I actually posted something on bluelight and dictated what I wanted to type to her which makes us both EVEN hornier...

    Now I don’t want to turn this trip report into a graphic sex novel but we were loving this stuff. My girlfriend started doing some creative writing and to cut a long story short a huge sex session ensued (which continued in various guises for the rest of the report and until we went to bed the following evening).

    So why the warning at the top??!

    We were both feeling REALLY good.

    Great; I chopped up some even bigger lines (this seemed like a good idea because clearly I was pretty high and feeling really good and wanted more of the same, unfortunately when charged like this you feel a little invincible).

    These were the biggest and final lines we did (I would estimate +50mg).

    So, are we still being responsible?

    Note this was about 1-2 hours after the first dose and I had already had some slightly peripheral dysphoria (I thought more would just get me back to that good place).
    I was also feeling a little weird already, as although was enjoying this substance I did find it very pushy and there was a massive physical load (a sicky kinda rush, you know the feeling).

    Snorted this next line (well most of it)....

    To get to the point ended up feeling really fucking scattered. I think I enjoyed it less than my girlfriend (perhaps I had metabolised it faster and hit my comedown first but she is also alot more experienced with stimulants in general). Note that my girlfriend was sick at some point - I have an iron stomach and generally, as a rule, never sick.

    I felt majorly dysphoric. Funny how we loved the small dose but that second dose just killed it and sent us into a bad space.

    We both felt like our hearts were in our mouths (not in a romantic way) and I felt more scattered than I ever have (even from crystal meth or amphetamine which leaves me really scattered!). I was really spun. My heart was racing clearly way too fast and couldn’t focus on anything. I think this was the ‘up’ of this if that makes sense – like being on an amphetamine comedown but that was the actual high itself!

    So for me a dysphoric high, my girlfriend claimed she was in her element at one point but later got this same dysphoria.

    So the high was just a scatter! It is a really pushy adrenal rush from this drug and I have heard people use the phrase ‘jumping out of my skin’ but never really felt like this – this is a very good analogy for how I felt. I was Mr. King of Tension, the tension lord. Felt very tripped out (not in a nice trip way just a messy horrible way).

    I would like to point out that we did not really panic at any point or start thinking we better call an ambulance etc. But I noticed (later that morning/day) a red rash on both our chests and while I was high, at times I actually found it hard to catch my breath.

    I was close to being very worried (I think this wasn’t helped by the fact that I have been reading alot about 4-MMC and blue knee syndrome etc.

    Please note though that these physical side effects were REAL! Never have a physical problem with any other stims even at high dosages.

    The night/morning/day went on and despite feeling SPUN we still had fun and continued the most amazing sex session I have ever had - it was fantastic. Even though we were scattered this was more than possible.

    At points we were thinking of finishing the tiny bit left (so hard to give you guys accurate doses but this packet was labelled 200mg and there was maybe 25-50mg left?). I am very glad we didn’t and dissuaded my girlfriend from doing so (only because I had hit the comedown and felt that more would just make it worse in the long run and just put off the inevitable horrible dysphoria).

    By about 4pm (we had been up all night) we were feeling majorly scattered. I would like to point out that we are both fairly experienced with stimulants (my GF ex IV amphetamine/meth user) but this stuff made us rush really hard and scattered us more than any other stimulant experience. My GF reckon this was a stronger rush (not necessarily better but more physical) and 'ping' than IV meth!

    I had already called my bro at about 11am hoping they could drop off some Nitrazapam to calm me down (I had been feeling nasty and dysphoric since the second dose at circa 8/9am, first dose was at 6ish am, second dose was 8ish/9ish am). Annoyingly they couldn’t drop these round - they left me to die!
    At my worst point of panic I was thinking I really needed them - I was mega jumpy/jerky and sketchy. Mmmm.

    So the sex session continued interdispersed with talk about how scattered and spun we felt!
    We also had a lot of good discussions about our relationship, how we felt and all that jazz. So in many respects the drugs affects (both good and bad) provided a good therapeutic outlet and channel to bring us closer.

    So at about 4pm/5pm we decided to get our shit together, eat a little and go pick up those Nitrazpams.
    I was immensely Spun and paranoid but this was helped by a little food/fuel for my body and some orange juice.

    I rarely get paranoid on drugs/drug comedowns (weed makes me paranoid hence I don’t smoke it anymore) but I really did not want to leave the house and face ‘society’/public or any mass murderers that might be waiting around the corner. I was real para and delicate!

    By this time our bodies felt pretty fucked (although this is probably due to being up all night, little food and lots of sex + Ivory Wave).

    We made it to the Nitrazapam though (and felt better once we got some fresh air and sunshine) and necked 12.5mg. We got home and had a good feed and began to feel alot better, the panic dissipated and I think we were just both thankful to have made it through the experience unscathed.

    To be honest I think we were still rushing a little at 8pm so about 13 hours after first dose and the Nitrazepam took the edge off. Thank fuck for jellies! I just passed out on the bed at some point and had a good nights sleep.

    I woke up today feeling OK but just a little tired, my girlfriend is fine and the rashes on our chests have all but gone and we are going to have a chilled evening tonight.

    In summary this was a very difficult experience. I think we were a little irresponsible to ourselves because we had already done lots of coke and had been up all night. To be honest I think if we had not re dosed we would have been fine.

    The high is very physical and pushy – real adrenal and for me I could see it becoming potentially psychotic with more, and possibly very hard (to the point of being damaging perhaps) on the body. This is not psychosomatic but a real thing. You have been warned.

    I don’t know if I have conveyed how dodgy and sketchy some points of this night were – we didn’t panic but were very concerned about our physical well being and we are just so glad that the adverse affects subsided. We can normally handle our drugs but this was a tough one because it was just so physical, not much you can really do to stop that apart from taking some more drugs (downers) to remedy that.

    It is funny because the rush cranked down perhaps 5-8 hours from dosing and reminded me of Fear and Loathing when he talks about the ‘adrenachrome’ and how it moves down from 240 volts to 120 volts! Classic!

    Please be very careful with this substance.

    The reason we thought it important to put a warning on here because we read on one forum that someone had consumed 0.75g to themselves in one night (that made us feel better about our own predicament and lowered the panicking!). Go easy.

    We did get some good things from this and some bad things also and it has bought us closer together (as traumatic episodes do!).

    To me this would be used merely as a sex drug and I think that dosage is very important which seems hard to do as god knows what or how much active compound is in this.

    I think that it is best to avoid re-dosing if you are ‘high’ (even if you think it is wearing off), as it will most likely last longer than you think, that was the mistake we made and deeply regretted it! Although regrets are pointless.

    I am frustrated and angry at these legal high people because they do not give any real information on what is in these products – this is only based on their own greed and making more money. However the real choice does lie with us, the consumers so can't really blame anyone!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would not consider us lightweights but this shit is strong.

    I think we are interested in trying MDPV but most likely in pure form and carefully dosed. From reading reports I think perhaps there could be some other active ingredients in this but who knows.

    Thanks for reading and please please please be careful, we were lucky here in my opinion and things could have been a lot worse! Make sure if you know someone who is going to take this that you have told them to go easy!

    Right, back to work


    Note that despite all the above just been on the phone to the girlfriend and thinking how that tiny bit could provide the energy for another wonderful sex ssession - now you can definitely call me irresponsible!

    We will see...

    I am addicted to pleasure!
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    nice trip report. Read the whole thing even thou it was long. Some reports are boring when long but not this one. Good writing.
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    Thanks for that - now edited for even more readability

    Just have to contact some publishers now
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    Interesting report, thanks for sharing it!

    I was given some Ivory Wave (200mg packet) to try, but after coming to the conclusion it was heavily-cut MDPV I decided to give it a miss. Seems a bit irresponsible to put such a strong stimulant on the market as a legal high (the same company also makes the new cannabanoid-laced smoking mixes).
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    Quote Originally Posted by neilios View Post
    ........I was hoping it would be 3-FMC/ Flephedrone which I greatly enjoy).
    Me too!!

    Awesomely long post dude. Warning heeded. I'm still gonna have to try it though.

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    Yep, ordered 2g of the stuff. Hopefully will come tomorrow and I'll post a report too (although probably not as lengthy as yours).

    By the way, my wife and I consumed about 4g of 4-MMC last weekend, only re-dosing once each time around 2 1/2 hours later, with a smaller amount in the re-dose. (It's good not to get greedy). No blue-knee syndrome or any other noticable side-effects.
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    I've tried Ivory Wave a few times now. I was actually planning a thread of my own - neilios beat me to the punch.

    I've done some research of the likely suspects, and I have concluded that Ivory Wave is probably Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) cut with something inactive.

    My friends and I have had quite a few decent experiences with Ivory Wave - the effects seem to fall somewhere between MDMA/MDEA and Meth. Perhaps the charginess of meth, the empathy of MDMA, and the brief dulled euphoria of MDEA. There is definately an overwhelming 'love' - I managed to connect with my girlfriend on a level like never before. It's the sort of drug that would lead you to solve issues of world peace...unfortunately, the thoughts/feelings diminish the next day.

    I find accurate dosage incredibly difficult (sensitive scales are a must!!). I'm pretty satisfied around the 50-70mg mark. The drug is very moreish though and I wouldn't advise re-dosing, from experience, this leads to a very messy next few days.

    For me, the comedown from a high dose (2 x 70mg - 3 hours apart) is never as 'empty' as MDMA, its more akin to the acid insomnia / fatigued feeling (almost to the point you feel as though you cannot stand). Pretty bad headache as well - I ended up eating 10mg of Oxycodone to numb the pain. I have also noted irregular chest/heart sensations the following night. Not quite palpitations or chest pains, just an odd (tight) feeling that your pushing your heart a little too hard.

    I'm always sceptical about putting strange(r) chemicals into my body. Ivory Wave is quite enjoyable, but definitely for the more seasoned individuals.

    I'd feel a little better if some research was done on its potential health risks.
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    I tried Ivory wave 3 days ago and I'm still feeling the effects of it now. This high is not for the faint hearted. I've experienced really bad paranoia, something that I've never had a problem with.

    Having read the other posts I now know I'm not going mad. Admittedly the actual high part was great but I'm yet to be convinced it's worth the comedown. I managed to polish off about 150mg in the night (it was a dubstep night which I was determined to see until the end) which I would not have done if I knew what I do now.
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    To be completely honest, I'm pretty horrified the manufacturer is selling Ivory Wave as a bath salt with absolutely nothing in the way of dosage or harm minimisation information.

    I think the smallest packet you can get is 200mg - I couldn't fathom what would happen to a skinny 14 year old if they consumed the entire packet trying to get 'legally high' for the first time.

    As a side note, oral dosage appears to be inline with the insufflated dose. Don't feel just because it’s subtly marketed as a snuff, you can't drop a bit in a shot glass and hide the taste with something sweet. 70mg oral for 100kg guy is decent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marley View Post
    To be completely honest, I'm pretty horrified the manufacturer is selling Ivory Wave as a bath salt with absolutely nothing in the way of dosage or harm minimisation information.
    It's pretty stupid of them, isn't it? Considering a dose of MDPV is so small, careless people could get hurt.

    I got a gram last week. Took 3 wee amounts on the Saturday, about 4 & 1/2hours apart from each other and it was ok, but I could tell that doing any more than I did would be a bad idea. I slept well and felt fine the day after. Not very impressed with the stuff either too be honest. Since Sunday night, I've been having a little before night-shift, and a little more a few hours into the shift, which had been helping the time go a little quicker. I've been sleeping well too. I'll probably end up doing this until it's gone, yet avoiding it on the weekend (which will be reserved for my good friend Charge+ and maybe some mbzp/tfmpp) and I'll not be ordering any more.
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    Hey guys,

    Hope you all good, just revisited this thread after being away from internet for a while.

    Me & GF revisited the 'wave' sometime in the last few weeks. This time much less of the horniness and I ended up cleaning the bathroom for 2/3 hours! Nice. Managed 1.5 hours sleep and got to work the next day, we did a lot less though so not really comparable.

    As mentioned it is hard to work out what safe/good doses are of this as god knows how much active ingredient in this!

    I still had that panicky feeling I mentioned in the last report and think this substance not for me.

    Agree that the guys producing this are being slightly irresponsible - that skinny 14 year old could end up in a bad way!

    Anyways procured some MDPV recently (the white stuff) and I reckon is defo the active ingredient. MDPV gave me that same push, although the horniness wasn't there could just be set and setting, also did the MDPV after a night out on cocaine, base, a few e's and ketamine! Urgh!
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    Sounds basically like plain old dexedrine but its just a novel chemical.

    If you ever decide to try it again, dont fight the panic because it'll just make it worse. This goes for high dose stims in general.
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    Someone on DF claim that it's (-)-2-β-Carbomethoxy-3-β-(4-fluorophenyl)tropane (β-CFT, WIN-35,428 )
    it's a stimulant drug used in scientific research. CFT is a phenyltropane based dopamine reuptake inhibitor and is structurally derived from cocaine. It is around 3-10x more potent than cocaine and lasts around 7 times longer based on animal studies. While the naphthalenedisulfonate salt is the most commonly used form in scientific research due to its high solubility in water, the free base and hydrochloride salts are known compounds and can also be produced. The tartrate is another salt form that is reported.

    CFT was first reported alongside by Clarke and co-workers in 1973.

    Legal Status
    CFT has no history of abuse in humans, but according to the chemical supplier Sigma-Aldrich it is illegal in the USA (Schedule II) and Germany (Kontrollierte Droge) 1, presumably due to its similar effects to cocaine; however CFT is not specifically listed as a Schedule II drug on the DEA website 2 or on the German controlled drug schedule 3 and so it is unclear on what basis Sigma-Aldrich has derived this legal information, although provisions of the Federal Analog Act may be used by Sigma-Aldrich (and the DEA) to presume its illegality. While CFT might well be considered a controlled substance analogue in these countries there has never been any formal announcement by either the US or German government of CFT being added to the controlled substances list.
    CFT might possibly also be considered a controlled substance analogue of cocaine in Canada, New Zealand and Australia, due to its related chemical structure to cocaine. According to analog law one must consider structural similarity, and CFT might well not be considered substantially similar to cocaine, having been derived by the removal of an ester linkage rather than by simply substituting extra groups onto cocaine, although a para-fluoro group has also been added to CFT. Also the intent of the user must be considered as well, so CFT would probably not be considered illegal when it is being used solely for scientific research. The relatively complex synthesis of CFT, as well as the fact that the main synthetic routes proceed via the restricted intermediate compound ecgonine, make it fairly unlikely that CFT will appear on the recreational market as a drug of abuse.

    Sigma-Aldrich categorizes CFT as being a "very toxic" chemical and recommends the use of gloves, goggles, protective apron and respirator while handling it, and states it must only be used in a fume hood. However this description is not supported by the known toxicology of CFT based on its widespread use in animals over a 30 year period and so this extreme caution is difficult to reconcile with the chemical and pharmacological properties of the drug; this may instead reflect concerns about its abuse potential rather than actual potential to cause poisoning. The drug data sheet notes that serious side effects can occur following exposure to CFT, including CNS stimulation, dilation of eye pupils, euphoria, breathing difficulties, nervousness, restlessness, hypertension, fainting, paleness, arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, convulsions, and death. Prolonged or repeated exposure to CFT may result in habituation or addiction.
    Administering 100mg/kg of CFT to rats only resulted in convulsions being reported, whereas CIT had the ability to cause death at this dose
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    Pardon my ignorance Systemdoll, but what is 'DF'?
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    Does (-)-2-β-Carbomethoxy-3-β-(4-fluorophenyl)tropane (β-CFT, WIN-35,428 ) have an
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    This high is not for the faint hearted.
    That's what it sounds like to me . . . wonder what Ur blood pressure was?

    Pardon my ignorance Systemdoll, but what is 'DF'?
    DF = Drug Forum?
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    Decided to have some more tonight....

    So do we think Ivory Wave is WIN-35428?

    MDPV is active at 7mg, and considered almost too intense at 14mg - if Ivory Wave is indeed MDPV, its heavily watered down.

    ...Could be anything I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marley View Post
    Decided to have some more tonight....

    So do we think Ivory Wave is WIN-35428?

    MDPV is active at 7mg, and considered almost too intense at 14mg - if Ivory Wave is indeed MDPV, its heavily watered down.

    ...Could be anything I guess.
    very much doubt it is CFT, the material is seriously expensive and usually requires cocaine for its synthesis
    MDPV on the other hand is very cheap and readily available
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    The intensity of the effects and severity of come down seems to diminish the more you have Ivory Wave. Still rates far higher than the amphets getting around these parts at the moment.

    It does seem to have an addictive quality to it. I always feel compelled to have 'just one more bump'.
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    I would have to agree with vecktor.

    It doesnt make economic sense selling CFT at that kinda price.

    Someone has to test it. If its truly CFT, I will grab them all
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    This product certainly isn't MDPV as the duration of residual stimlulation lasted 48hours for me and similar times for others. Will see if I can the product tested.
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    this is really nasty stuff.

    i did ~ 800mg in one week. everyday 50-200mg. doesn't seems much.

    i flushed the remaining 200mg down the toilet after i thought i'm going to have a heart-attack. and I'm a seasoned stim-user.

    this one seems _really_ cardiotoxic. no exaggeration

    stay away from that shit. seriously.
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    After reading this I was very dubious about trying this Ivory wave....


    A guy from a festival legal highs store I'm in contact with has sent me a few bits and pieces, some red doves (Yay!! I now at least know who makes them) Some extra strength xxx diablos, some ordinary xxx diablos (more on those in another thread) and a 200mg silver pack of the ivory wave.
    As said, after reading some of the scary stories on this stuff I was very leary of giving it a try, but the girlfreind and myself thought we would do so.

    Girlfriend more experienced than me with snorting and has, over the last hour taken half the pack....I'm waiting to see what effect it has on her before I try the last line.

    We both started with a really tiny line, eyballed but about 10 or 12mg each.

    Waited 15 minutes...result?...........nothing so far, so both do about 15mg each this time, now there is roughly half the packet left.
    Another 20 minutes pass....result?

    Er, nothing so far...well, actully there is something....its fantastic at clearing a blocked nose!!!! Who needs vic sinex when you can have Ivory Wave!!.

    Sewriously though, so far the only thing for us both is a clear nose, slightly numb and some slight stinging on taking it.
    Girlfriend has now done the last line for herself, about 25mg, leaving me roughly the same amount to do.
    So far for her there is still nothing, an hour and 5 minutes has now passed since we started, and about 10 minutes since Carla did her last line.

    So just how long are you supposed to wait before it kicks in?????

    Gonna watch the effect on Carla for another 10 minutes, and if she still seems fine then I'll finish off my last 25mg.

    I hope it is ok to do a comparison report?

    Before I try my last little bit, if anyone is online and reading this, would it make any difference if I dropped it under my tongue? (and yes, I know it will make my tongue numb!!)

    Biggiro (and Carla)
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    Did a quick update and clicked on 'post reply' instead of 'post quick reply'...sigh.

    Did my last line of ivory wave about 20 minutes ago.
    Getting something out of it at last now...pretty awake, and feeling a little horny...will give that a try....If Carla not too pissed off with me tapping away on this forum!
    Heart rate not yet elevated..not noticeably anyway.

    Have only been sat on the bed together waiting to see what occurs, without the influence of music and whatever...both feel ok...

    time to try a little music...

    Will pop on some Astral them!...

    Got to keep the volume down though....others live in this house with us who won't appreciate thumping goa trance at this time of night!

    Then again, might just chill with some cheese......all together now, "AAAAA--GA, DO DO DO, push pineapple to the tree! ;-}
    Wel you don't get cheesier than Black lace do you! lol.

    Biggiro and Carla.
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    Follow up report 3.

    it is now 3:02am...

    Still wide awake, which was very much expected of course, checked blood pressure, on the high side and elevated heart rate, not unexpected either, have also not long surfaced from a fairly frantic sex session, so even on a normal day all my readings would be elevated!!

    But it is mostly because of the Ivory Wave.

    How have I felt?

    Um, well, pretty alert, sensible, don't feel anything bad, but also haven't felt anything particularly good either.
    Certainly no euphoria...chattiness? was for a while I guess, but nothing like I get on certain pills (legal ones)
    Had music playing for an hour or 2, no empathy at all, just normal enjoyment levels.

    At one point about 40 minutes after the final line I think I could say I felt a bit up, body felt....can't quite think of the right word to describe it, not jittery as such, but there were a few moments when I felt something was going to happen, was sort of coming up, but it flatlined...a slight trembly feeling in parts of my body.

    And much the same for Carla, she is lying by my side with her eyes closed but not asleep, I'll be joining her shortly.
    Not too worried about the insomnia at the moment, I'm used to that from pills, you don't fight it, you just lie there and relax, and at the moment I'd say I'll be able to do that just fine.

    dosage taken by the pair of us was 100mg each over about an hour for the girlfriend and 2 hours by me.

    At the moment I can't seethe point of it, neither of us can...all it has really done, at the dosage we took, was to make us more alert and a little more chatty...oh, the sex was good though.

    Signing off again...time to lie down and chill...lets see how many more hours it is going to be before I can sleep....

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