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    meth+xanax comedown :/ 
    Recently I got about .5 of some high quality meth and I pretty much killed half of it one day and the rest on the second day (I know its not a lot but I'm sensitive/lightweight to stimulants)

    The first day after smoking it, I got only 3 hours of sleep after taking xanax and drinking beers.. I don't think I was even sleeping I think I was just deep in thought

    The second day I smoked the rest around the evening so eventually I ended up sleeping around 6am

    Now today I woke up with these symptoms:
    body temp rises at random times,not motivated to talk to people like I was doing the past day and I'm a little depressed for no reason I also feel slower when it comes to problem solving :/
    Basically it feels like a comedown people would get after rolling

    My question is how long will it take until I feel back to normal?
    Should I take xanax or should I just let my body heal on its own?
    Did I do any damage to my health?

    I know I typed a lot but I'm really hoping someones been through this as well and can give me advice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    It actually is a lot, if it was "high quality meth", half a gram should've lasted you longer than two days.

    Maybe it's just "high quality" compared to <10% active ingredient.

    You should feel normal in a week or two, but probably before then. The one and only time I did meth (orally via a methbomb roll) I was OK the next day. I only did it once though, and this wasn't "high quality meth".

    Don't take xanax, unless you're having problems with severe anxiety or are not sleeping at all (or severely inadequate sleep).

    You didn't do a whole lot of damage to your health. Drinking beer probably did more damage to your health.
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    Yeah maybe it wasn't exactly .5
    I'm still a bit new to meth, I've had bad comedowns and what not

    but the one I got today was different than the other ones, thats why I asked

    thank you for your answer

    now as far as skin goes..does meth cause breakouts?
    would you happen to know how long it takes to sweat out your pores?
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    a half g used to last me maybe 30 mins per 100mg id put in the pipe at the one time , this is wen u cld do that without ur pipe being raped to the shit

    gettin some expensive shit tonite for special occasion and im plannin on using xanax for comedown/sleep , tho who knows how many bricks itl take lol gona have to keep it hush so ppl dont scab em off me , fukn got scammed on my whole nights dose last nite by my mrs mum and her bf , fukn jungas
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    it sounds like this is your first time doing crystal.. you should be fine in a few days. if it were me, i'd personally use the comedown as an excuse to take the xanax, but the wiser choice would be to avoid that unless, like captain heroin said, you're suffering from extreme anxiety or lack of sleep. for me, it would reduce any antisocial tendencies and depression as well.
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    .5 is only 5 points or about 50mg right? Meth comedowns only last for the first half of the day. They are more or less severe depending on how much sleep you get. I got an hour of sleep and was hit by a train. I got 6 hours of sleep after coming off meth with DPH and had a mild hangover.
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    All I gotta say is benzos or opiates are the best for any kind of comedown... though I got addicted to opiates so I can't recommend them. Benzos are also addicting. Oh and if you didn't know:

    Drugs are bad mmkay?

    That's my disclaimer. Now you know and I am not liable for any damage lol.

    But seriously... benzos... I wish I had some
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    ^^ .5 (a half gram) would be 500mg.
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    I've only had bad crashes from crys after using for 4 days straight or more. Next day I feel lethargic and unmotivated. Benzos help for the come down, opiates help for the next day (for me the crash only lasts a half day to a day, but I always rely on opiates to get me through).

    To avoid negative comedowns use early in the day and don't redose. That way you can sleep. Try to aviod binging, dosing late and redosing and you'll enjoy it more. And you'll have more for later.

    Don't be a fiend staying up for days- you will not enjoy the paranoia.
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