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    Meth - Throwing Up 
    Hopefully this is in the right place.

    The first time I did meth was amazing, I just had a horrible comedown. I went on a two day binge and was nauseous the entire time. I did a line & puked right after. Now whenever I do any lines, I'll throw up maybe 20 minutes later. Does anyone else have this problem or hear of this happening to anyone else? I'm pretty sure it's not the batch as it's not happening to anyone else. I don't like smoking it, I get headaches.

    I'm just thinking maybe I'm sick or something. I don't want to give it up but I'm not ever feeling as amazing as I did the first time. I just feel shitty not long after. I've been drinking a good amount of water & forcing myself to eat.

    Any ideas/suggestions? Maybe I should just stop using it..ha
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    They are listed side-effects of meth. Maybe you should just not do it?
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    Its prob a mental thing or gag becuase of the bitter tast going down your throat?

    I had it happen then 2nd year of meth use snorting, My GI track was not doing so well, and it casued me to throw up or feeling like throwing up. Do you have any digestive Issues? things like that will make you throw up on stims.
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    Hmmm - I've snorted and smoke the stuff and even snorted and smoked in the same session and didn't have this problem. Yeah - felt a little tiny bit nausous and couldn't really eat the next 24 hours but no puking. Yeah - meth feels super amazing - it is fucking wild wonderful stuff ... maybe your body puking is a protection mechanism telling you to stay away from it lest you get totally addicted.
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    Used to happen to me every time I used (and you think that would be enough to deterr me away from it). It was partly the taste coming back up or if I didn't eat enough or drink enough fluids I would get overheated and throw up bile. I stopped for 6 months because I was on methadone and once I got off it, I went right back to using meth. Force yourself to eat though, even if it's small because the meth is eating away at your stomach lining atleast thats what it was doing for me.
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    maybe that is why I didn't have any problems with meth - the 5 or 6 times I did it I ate pretty well beforehand.
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    i been recently puking from smoking or snorting meth. but this never happend to me before. and i wouldnt eat for days and my stomach would feel fine. but lately i been having that puke feeling everytime i do meth. i try to force myself to eat but its hard for me to chew. but the drug is so addicting it doesnt stop me at all. i wanna know whats the best kind of food to eat when you have to force feed.
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    Man, this is an old fucking thread. That aside, take a damn multivitamin once a day if you're going on binges for days. Eating healthy food always helps Hillbill89.

    In n' Out for three days straight isn't healthy, even animal style.

    Note: puking on stimulants is often your body telling you that you've had enough; almost considered a sign of overdose
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    I've never thrown up from using the stuff but I have felt some nausea a time or two. Regarding the eating thing, I find a ripe banana is delicious and very easy to get down, its good for you and contains potassium which is excellent. I've actually had good success with any types of fresh fruit, its just good stuff. Also, take a multivitamin like skoat suggests. Have fun and be safe.
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    meth really increases my senses of smell and taste a few weeks ago i smoke about a point and a half before going to work (i am a trollie boy lol)got to work and there was a nappie in one of the trollies so i had to get it out i grabed a magazine n got it out with that straight after i threw up but arfter that i was fine...and esterday had te sameamount the same ay n went to work i hadent eatin in 3 days so i thought i would force my self to eat so i got some macas first bite i was jyreacing but managed to keep it only happens when i have reallygood much are u having?if u find it hard to eat while on it try eating soup or somthing like that
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    I've been suffering with severe nausea while doing meth for years. I have IBS, and it flares up after doing good stuff. Sniffing,smoking or injecting, it doesn't matter. What I've learned is that we all have an adrenal gland in our stomach and it can get over active after using strong stimulants. I'm on antiemtics like Bentyl. I've tried antacids, gas pills, digestive enzymes and everything else. Nothing really helps but the Bentyl, which helps to calm the overactive adrenal gland.
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    Meth tastes freakin terrible, pretty much any way ive done it, eaten/smoked/dripped from snorting. If anything I'm suprised more people don't throw up.

    I usually snort it so the disgusting, lingering chemical drip was what I was most familiar with.
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    So this is kinda weird but sorta related to this. When I do hot rails(best way to explain it for those who don't know-heating up a glass stem and snorting ice which turns it from solid to a gas/smoke), I get this HIDEOUS sore throat with this like phlegm(flem) stuff that tastes so hideous if I try getting it out of my throat it makes me gag and throw up. The other weird thing about it is, it's like has grains or tiny chunks of something in it that gives it a horrible texture to top it off.. I only notice it when I start doing hot rails, but I'm open to ideas on what it could be from, or links to other posts that might help me solve my dilemma. Thank you.!(:
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