Thread: Smoking and snorting meth isn't getting me high, why?

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    Smoking and snorting meth isn't getting me high, why? 
    I've had one other experience 2 years ago and all i can recall is I got way too high and flipped out for like 24 hours and felt like shit for the next week. Naturally, I was scared away.

    Recently considering how much I enjoy dexedrine I thought I would give it another try, cautiously. When me and my friend got the stuff I smoked three hoots. Remembering what happened last time I left it at that. After a few minutes with nothing more than a tingle I had two more. Nothing other than a tiny lift. My friend has also been doing speed for about three years I think so I am pretty positive it was smoked right, he got high even with a tolerance.I don't get it I mean I feel 5mg dex more than this.

    My friend leaves and I'm left with my flap and no pipe so I say what the hell and rail 10mg. I figured that would definitely be enough because I am a very small guy and 15mg dexedrine gets me feeling very good. I sort of feel it in a few minutes, but its not enjoyable at all, every muscle in my body tightened up and I couldn't do anything other than concentrate on one single area for minutes on end, I also got very paranoid, no euphoria. Two hours of feeling like shit and then I'm sleepy and feel nothing anymore. I decide one last try I'll parachute it, but it was getting late so I only did about 5mg and went and laid down expecting nothing. 45 minutes later I was absolutely tweeked out for like 9 hours.

    So here I am 24 hours later been taking small parachutes and its great and everything but I want to experience the rush. I still have about 20mg to experiment with and one more week off work so would anyone have any idea why this isn't effecting me any other way than orally?

    Also I am getting this lower back pain during my peaks that keeps getting worse every time is there anything I can do about it? Would getting some sleep help? I've only slept about 4 hours in the last 48 but it sounds very unappealing to me at the moment.

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    If you are taking 10mg then those are small doses. Also, you don't get the rush everytime you do meth. I can remember when I was using the best part would be the first rush, then for the next couple days (urgh ) I'd keep smoking, but the neurotransmitters have already been released in a "rush", so continuous dose just keep you awake

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    are you sure its good meth?

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    im gonna shift this over to BDD

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    Well you obviously felt it. How long were you awake? If what the OP says is true, it seems that they might just prefer dexedrine to methamphetamine. "flipping out" seems to be a decent sign that the methamphetamine you got was most likely average quality. A description of what it looked like may help others take educated guesses at purity.

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    How would you measure MGs from a bag of street meth? Aside from owning a mg scale of course.

    I cant remember eyeballing a line of crank and going "yep thats about 10mg".

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    ^ also the chance of your meth being pure is very small. So even with a mg scale you would not be sure how much you are taking.

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    It was 4 points which I thought to be about 40mg which I divided up as evenly as I could into 8 different groups. I know the estimates were very rough, but its the best I could do.

    Last night I tried smoking some more, I felt good for like 5 minutes, then I got really sketchy and angry and kind of depressed, smashed the light bulb pipe I made and laid down on the couch experienced thinking the top of a pea plant outside was a little man walking down my windowsill and passed out half an hour later, woke up an hour later with a really sore mouth and a bad headache, then fell asleep two hours after that for a good 14 hours.

    I just woke up and I feel perfectly normal just a little tired, could almost say I feel a little better than usual surprisingly.

    I decided I just don't like smoking it. I'm thinking of just putting a couple little bits in my tea or something today for a little lift. Will I likely feel good like when I first took some orally or all sketchy like last night?

    The stuff was a crystal, some of it was it was in very small bits but some of them were bigger with a barely noticeable whitish translucent look but for the most part they looked clear as glass. I can take a picture when my mom leaves the house, when I was all tweeked out last night I hid it in her room so I couldn't get anymore last night lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iameatingjam View Post
    when I was all tweeked out last night I hid it in her room so I couldn't get anymore last night lol.
    You hid drugs in your mom's room!? To me that seems like the last place I'd want me drugs. Is she down with crystal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MistaJeff View Post
    You hid drugs in your mom's room!? To me that seems like the last place I'd want me drugs. Is she down with crystal?
    No, I knew I wouldn't try and take more later if she was in her room sleeping so I could get to sleep, I hid it well.

    Taking more this morning gave me a stomach ache and anxiety.

    I'm pretty confused with this stuff so I'm not taking any more for now, I might try the rest a week or so from now.

    Could the fact that I was on mdma all night before I tried this explain why I have had such an odd experience ( I can't imagine why it would)?

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    I think you may be smoking too much..I know if I take too much I get paranoid and cloudy headed and the shit seems to last for 6-7 hours until I feel normal again. I'm wondering what others feel when they realize they have taken too much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nimowns View Post
    I'm wondering what others feel when they realize they have taken too much?
    feel nothing haha. When I decided to start snorting meth instead of smoking, I did it myself and it must have been way too much, I went to my friend and got stuck trying to tell him to go do one, while moving back n forth for a couple min, and I like to try to get there at one point during binges. When I smoked too much, it seems like the volume in my ears turns way down, and I can't say a complete thought/sentence for a few lol.

    btw, those are just two experiences that happened most often when I took alot more than I should have. Interesting topic, I Would like to hear what others experience too.
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    I get stuck in a thought and occasionally my heart will give one booming beat I feel lightheaded when it does that and it generally blows...

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    Are you sure of the weights? That would be very pure meth if those weights are correct.

    I'd say the MDMA experience could definitely be affecting it, especially if you are someone who experiences a bad comedown or depression/anxiety in the days after.

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    When you're up longer than natural due to an absence of sleep your body doesn't get REM stage sleep so all the minor damage that your body suffers everyday doesn't get repaired and gets worse over the hours and days that you are forcefully kept awake, also your muscles in various muscles ligaments and tendona clench and micro spasm every time you dose and continue to do so afterwards for some time, your lower back may have been slightly injured without your knowledge and without sleep your body has been unable to repair any damage, combined with normal micro injuries suffered daily as a result of movement and uncontrollable tension and spasms also can injure it further everytime you dose, so in my opinion a minor injury what started as a barely noticeable twinge, soreness or some normally disregarded discomfort has gradually grown worse due to sleep deprivation, normal wear and tear, muscles spasming and clenching on their own. Suggestion is to get into bed and don't crawl out for 10 - 18 hrs and drink a large glass of water prior to sleeping...

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    Oh and ringing in the ears and or the volume seemingly gettin turned down sucks. Only has it done it to both ears at one for you???

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    I'm confused. You said something about a point. if you mean point one of a gram, that is 100mg. 1gram=1000mg.

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    I dont think you know what you're doing at all.

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    Take an break for quite a while. Practice healthy eating habits and you should be able to get back up to the clouds. Post Script, drugs are absolutely horrible man. I'm an addict to everything narcotic. I am a very miserable and depressed man. Don't be like me.

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