Thread: Hydrocodone on empty or full stomach?

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    Hydrocodone on empty or full stomach? 
    Just curious, I haven't worried about it before, I'm just gonna do 30mg tonight and I haven't eaten anything for about 6 hours...and I'm getting kinda hungry but it might change the effect of the hydrocodone w/ such a low dose. Opinions?

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    shouldnt really change much just dont eat a shit load

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    The hydrocodone will take effect more quickly on an empty stomach.

    However, your body will be less able to metabolize acetaminophen when you have not eaten for some time, and this can cause more liver damage at lower doses. So, if you are taking non-CWE'd pills, I'd say eat first. Otherwise, take it on an empty stomach.

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    I would eat something small at least...Hydrocodone on an empty stomach leaves me feeling really nauseous. I have absolutely no opiate tolerance though.

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    Even with my opiate tolerance I still get nauseous every now and then when dropping them. I would def suggest eating a little something, maybe like a half a sandwich or something...something with a little substance at least. Then you should be good, shouldn't take too much away from the high.

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    empty stomach
    then some antiemetics

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    I always like to take pills on an empty stomach personally, I feel like I have wasted some of my drugs if I have food in my stomach especially if I just ate or I ate a lot not long before.

    I would take them on an empty stomach.

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    i like popping them b4 dinner...

    foods ready that i cook or whatever or order... pop the pills, prepare the meal, and eat.

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    I suggest having something in your stomach before you take Hydrocodone, the Tylenol will wreck your stomach and leave you feeling sick, but don't eat a whole lot or the absorption of it will be a bit less.

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    I ate some waffles and a small bowl of cereal...I didn't notice any change, done it a few days since then, always eating beforehand. I don't CWE as I don't do this often, so it helped with the nausea. Thanks.

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