Thread: Mescaline vs LSD vs Salvia

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    Mescaline vs LSD vs Salvia 
    Hello everybody, this is my first post here and am hoping I'm posting this in the right place.

    If a person has a lot of experience with LSD (around 200 trips) and quite a bit of experience with DEEP Salvia trips...would this person be able to handle Mescaline fairly well? From the info he has gathered it seems that Mescaline is definitely intense in its own way, but "gentler & warmer" than LSD.

    He is going to be doing 12" of San Pedro in a few weeks and was just wondering about this. He has been doing a lot of research on both the cactus and effects of Mescaline, but still was wondering about the above question.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Your impressions are correct - mescaline is for sure a much warmer and gentler animal than the beasts you have come in touch with (Lucy and Sally). You will be fine to venture into that territory with your baggage of experience for sure.

    Welcome to PD btw

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    i would ask the peeps in the social thread at the top of the stickied threads instead of starting a new thread...

    i hate to tell you but its probably gonna get closed pretty quick.

    you should be fine, and

    WELCOME to bluelight!

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    Ok I understand. Thanks for the responses. That is what I was hoping to hear
    The thing that concerns me is the body load and intense visuals. LSD always made me feel like a million dollars, never felt bad once. I know it will probably be rough for the first few hours of mescaline. Plus I've heard some crazy stuff as far as visuals go with San Pedro/Peyote. Stuff I never got with LSD, basically.

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    "Should I do this" posts aren't exactly looked all that awesomely upon...

    Never got why so many people ask anyway. I mean, have a bit more confidence. You don't need psychedelic experience to start tripping really hard, and honestly, I don't know if a lighter trip can get you ready for a more intense one.

    AND WELCOME! BROTHER, I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!! (any chance you played Metal Gear Solid? rofl)

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    No sorry, no Metal Gear Solid player here :P

    I wasnt asking for advice on doing anything or seeking dosage advice. Just basically wanted to know if a person who can handle LSD or Salvia w/o having a bad trip would be able to handle mescaline.

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I appreciate your time. I'm really looking forward to my journey!

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    you'll probably be fine, but do respect the plant/spirit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RhythmSpring View Post
    but do respect the plant/spirit.

    Yes, absolutely I will. I learned that lesson the hard way with Salvia

    I'll never look at plants the same again.

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    Aye, defintely be able to handle mescaline; its gentle, but can be ferocious in its own way...nothing remortely like salvia though.

    I've kinda found these threads are a bit pointless; its very difficult to advise someone on such things as everyone reacts differently to each drug. So, gunna shut this one.

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