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    Tried Searching: Body pH bullshit 
    Okay, so I'm in healthfood and for three years I've heard uneducated twats prattling on about their diet to "basify" "alkalize" or otherwise raise "blood pH" or body pH.

    It is my understanding that our bodes do an AWESOME job as a part of their homeostatic procedures of keeping our blood's pH slightly above seven, and that it does NOT deviate more than a few hundredths of a pH point. No matter what food you eat. Maybe if you slammed some KOH haha. I've consulted two physicians and a research biologist, and this is the impression they've given me. People are paying my store thousands of dollars for these producs & litmus paper to piss on. It's amazing.

    Anyhow, I'm wondering if the health guru's have anything to say? Any physicians? Searching was challenging because pH is a two letter keyword and I think it was omitted. If this is mergable, by all means do it up &I apologize.

    John Smith Johnson
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    I also work at a health food store and i see all sorts of wack jobs coming in making ridiculous claims. We've had more than one person come in claiming they have the cure for cancer... right...

    Anyways id be interested in any science behind this as the people in the supplements department preach this type of crap all the time. now dont get me wrong, im all for natural medicine, but when you cant back up your claims with evidence then i step away.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I've read words writen by physicians explaining how womens' pH level gets all wacky when they're on their period or ovulating, causing all kinds of sleep and excersize restraints. I found this out by searching why I feel so terrible and get chills and cannot sleep in the days between my period. Hope to be of some help
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