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    HR with crack is hard cause it's a very compulsion based habit, with little planning and patience involved:

    And Crack is way easier to find in the city so sometimes that's all you're gonna get.
    And sometimes, it's 4am when you cop so you're stuck with whats in the house.
    And Outside of the UK, your average user doesn't have Ascorbic acid packs laying around.

    I usually just add a little bit of distilled vinegar then water for my solution. It's a rare thing for me, but never had a complication. Just don't miss or "boot" w/ coke shots.
    (I did notice when making speedballs w/ BTH, it would naturally back down. )
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    Quote Originally Posted by johanneschimpo View Post
    Pablosan: crack + ascorbic acid = water-soluble, shootable cocaine (cocaine ascorbate)

    However, a dose of vitamin C in a pill is less than 1mg. But the pills are huge. The chewable guys probably weigh about a gram. Unless its a very tiny pill, you're putting a lot of unnecessary shit into your veins. I hope you're filtering it very very well. Harm reduction and all that, but at this time of the night a lot of that goes by the wayside. Shooting crack and heroin, tell you if you're wrong? Well, it could fuck your day right up, do you know the dangers?

    Again, as I said before, its very late at night here, so I don't have a lecture in me, but to answer your question, ascorbic acid will make crack shootable. There are many other safety precautions to consider though. I hope you know what you're doing mixing the two. I don't know if I can tell you to reconsider, but I hope I can at least tell you to do what you are doing as safely as possible. Vitamin C pills aren't your best bet. Pure citric or ascorbic acid from the store would be a much, much safer idea. Also, plain white distilled vinegar would do the trick, as it also will turn crack into cocaine acetate, a water-soluble shootable form.
    My pills weight 600mg. 500mg = ascorbic acid, 100mg = cellulose.

    To convert a bag of crack to cocaine I use 0.05g of the vitamin c pill.

    I think this is much safer than injecting vinegar, but that just my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by ingannilo View Post
    Vitamin C pills are dosed in the hundreds of milligrams, not <1 milligram. Often they get up to and over a gram. That said, using a supplement for this purpose is suicidal because the pills weigh as much as a few grams and they are by no means safe to inject.

    Citric acid is not lemon juice, and it is a safe alternative to vitamin c pills. Just get pure citric acid from a pharmacy. None of this lemonade/tang bullshit, either okay? Be smart, love your body.

    I'm glad Bluelight is so into helping it's members stay safe. This is a beautiful resource.
    I bought vitamin C tablets from the pharmacy. The only ingredients are: ascorbic acid and cellulose. One tablet weighs 600mg and each tablet contains 500mg of ascorbic acid which means each tablet contains 100mg of cellulose. A bag of crack weighs 0.10g and to turn that back into cocaine I mix the crack and water with 0.05-0.06g of the pill. This means I'm using 0.01g of cellulose. I filter twice through cotton and if I have a micron filter I filter through that as well.

    I'd reckon that it's relatively safe.

    Pills weighing a few grams and not safe to inject? That's a big generalization.

    Sorry for the bump from a 2009 thread, but i'm shooting crack tonight and just wanted to clear some things up.

    Also, it says something to me that in the UK they hand out packets of ascorbic acid for people to use to convert their heroin, and presumably crack as well.
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    You can use any medically safe diluted pure acid to shoot freebased cocaine...
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