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Thread: Ativan and Buspar

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    Ativan and Buspar 
    i had 5 .5mg ativan that i just swallowed 1 sniffed 1 chewed 2 and let the last one dissolve under my tongue.. that is 2.5mg of ativan is not enough for me..and im wondering if i take more Buspar will it make the effects better.. as if i had taken more than just 5 ativan?

    please & thanks for answers


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    The buspar will not make the ativan (or any benzo) stronger. Buspar is a serotonin receptor agonist so it works totally different in your brain than ativan which modulates the GABAa receptor.

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    well could it help in anyway or will taking it lessen the effects

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    It will not help the Ativan in any way and is more likely to give you negative side effects such as headaches, nausea and anxiety / restlessness, which is contradictory.

    p.s. You'll have had closer to 2mg due to snorting one of the tablets. And this is better suited to BBD.

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    Buspar is USELESS. Another drug they give to drug addicts because they can't abuse it.
    I HATE it, just made me even more anxious that usual and I was already a mess.

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