Thread: reddish brown pill, no markings, scored on one side (brown snake eyes)

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    reddish brown pill, no markings, scored on one side (brown snake eyes) 
    These pills are being called "brown snake eyes". They are coated pills, reddish in color. No markings except for a score on one side. When you break them open, they are brown and white speckled.

    Sounds bunk to me?
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    what is a score?
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    its the line on the back of pills so that if the person taking the pill only wants half, they know where to split it.

    (an example: http://images.staywellsolutionsonlin...2/furo005f.jpg)

    So the pill that Im talking about has just a score, but no letters or numbers. Its also coated (like an advil), and the inside of the pill is a different color than the coating.
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    LOL sounds like ibuprofen
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    I know, right?! This chick I know was trying to sell them. I swear they are bunk, she swears they are legit. Its caused quite a riff between us because I dont associate with people who are shady like that, so Ive been searching the net high and low trying to figure out what the hell those pills were so that I can be done with this bitch once and for all.
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    having no numbers or letters kinda makes me think it cant be a prescription. making the ibprofen theory more likely.
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    It could also be a vitamin or suppliment of some kind...

    Anywho, if you come across "brown snake eyes" in So Cal, dont buy 'em
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    Keep this link handy:

    Beware of coated pills when dealing with ecstasy. I've never seen 'real' coated ecstasy pill.
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