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    think i got the swine flu or something, so its just been lotta vitamins, sick food, camomile tea, a couple of codeine pills, a little clonazepam and now im thinking about making some hash coco

    damn i hate to be sick

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    I just sniffed a bunch of freddy beach mescaline, haha, its a 1:2 mix of pure pcp (Green paste pcp that im sure 99% of canadians here have had) and icing sugar, lol

    Its awsum if you know wtf it is cuz weight by weight its cheaper then buying raw pcp (.3 of pcp in mescaline mix costs same as .2 raw)

    Imma go blaze up with the boys and maybe hittit

    oh and also, 50mcg/h (8.6mg) fent patch is sitting inside of my cheek, its a good buzz but sometimes it makes me sound retarded when i talk cuz the fuckers so big

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    just ate 4mg of xanax and snorted 1mg (sorry lol) plus a did a few roxicodones and a few bowls of this stuff called cannabis? feelin preeeetty good right ATM. im gunna sleep WELL tonight all. this is my new fav thread for sure lol

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    mmmm xanax 4mgs

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    Right now I am high on poppies, 45mg hydrocodone, 75mg diphenhydramine, 1.2g gabapentin, and 6ml 2-methyl-2-butanol. I'll enjoy my high for a little while, then go to bed. I need to get up earlier tomorrow. I've been staying up until between 4 and 6 AM and sleeping all day the last few days. I have at least 1,000lb of motherboards to take to Dallas where I can get $1.65/lb for them, along with lots of other computer scrap that should sell for a similar price. I just have to finish dismantling the junk. This will give me plenty of drug money. I just wish I had known sooner that those old motherboards were worth something. I've thrown hundreds of pounds of them away in the past.

    The morning glory experience/ordeal:
    I'm not sure whether or not my blood pressure was high from the morning glory seeds. When I tried to stand, I became lightheaded. My head was really throbbing much of the time until I got things under control. I used nitroglycerin to lower my blood pressure during a MDPV smoking binge, and that resulted in the same kind of throbbing headache I got from the MG seeds. Nitroglycerin is a vasodilator. Vasodilation is one of the symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, and causes lower blood pressure. Lightheadedness when standing is a symptom of low blood pressure. I don't know if it is a typical symptom of severely high blood pressure or not. It is a possibility that I was actually experiencing low blood pressure and vasodilation, as I had facial swelling, sinus problems, and severe itching; also symptoms of an allergic reaction. I was starting to have chest pain when my heart was beating so fast. I would have called an ambulance if my heart rate hadn't come down and the other symptoms improve pretty quickly with my self treatment. It was awful. I thought I might die, and I wasn't tripping either, so it wasn't the same as the thoughts of impending death that sometimes come from psychedelic use. I was just barely feeling a change in consciousness as this was happening.

    I'm not sure how accurate the temperature readings were. I could not take my temperature by mouth because I could not breathe at all through my nose. I didn't think taking it up the ass would give an accurate reading either, because I had just stuck a suppository up there. What I did was stick the thermometer to my forehead and fold the skin around it to get those readings. It was my head and face that felt the hottest, so my actual body temperature may have been lower. I suppose it could have also been higher since that is not a generally accepted method of measuring body temperature.

    I don't really know what happened. I think it was some kind of allergic reaction. I had a similar reaction to HBWR seeds last time, in combination with MDMA. I had the sinus problems but none of the other trouble the time before that on just HBWR seeds. Prior to that, it was just the nausea and GI side effects you'd expect from the seeds.

    I just know I can't use them any more. I'm seriously afraid I could have a lethal reaction next time if I were to try again. It's really too bad, because my best, most memorable trips were had with HBWR seeds. Now it seems I have developed an allergy to something contained in both HBWR and MG seeds. I didn't realize until doing some reading on the subject that someone could develop an allergy to something after being exposed multiple times without trouble, but it seems that it is possible. I do not know if the active ingredients are the cause of the problem or not. I may be foolish enough to try rivea corymbosa seed at some point to see if they cause any trouble. If I do, I will definitely start at a low dose. The effects I experienced from those MG seeds were hellish and purely physical. I did not trip. At most there was a threshold psychedelic effect, probably because of the prochlorperazine(antipsychotic). I could feel myself coming up prior to using that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ungoliath View Post
    I just sniffed a bunch of freddy beach mescaline, haha, its a 1:2 mix of pure pcp (Green paste pcp that im sure 99% of canadians here have had) and icing sugar, lol

    Its awsum if you know wtf it is cuz weight by weight its cheaper then buying raw pcp (.3 of pcp in mescaline mix costs same as .2 raw)

    Damn, when will I ever get PCP? I wish like hell I knew where to find it. I'd almost be willing to sell my soul for some of that, if I have one to sell.

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    Tried MDPV for the first time today. Got lots of uni done as a result. Was good.

    7.5mg @ 11am kept me going happily until 6pm. Also took away the want for 1,4b.

    Of course, once the peevee wore off and I decided to go to bed, I've had some 1,4 and weed to slow me up.

    Tomorrow I will get silly on it when all work is said and done.

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    barred out right now, plus a few pk's down the hatch. debating on whether i should drink some promethazine i got, rare down here in FL. last time i drank what i thought was alot i barely even felt it. could this be effected by my tolerance to something else? like oxy? dont know to much about promethazine....

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    promethazine isnt recreational... thats why you didnt feel anything

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    high on some great coke, got work tomorrow oh fuck!!

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    2g cubensis

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    3.5g Copelandias injected with something PCP, 4-MeO-PCP. Still tripping after 12 hours.

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    Smoked some weed
    so I'm so wizzled...

    my brain so fizzled


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    10mg peevee up the nose. This is some interesting fucking shit....

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    drank a 9 medium size pod poppy tea (i have a small tolerance. like 30mg of oxy to feel opiate euphoria) about 4 hours ago and its going strong but it's hard to tell because I just railed a thick 3inch line of some mid-grade cocaine. its weird this cocaine is cut with creatine (i get it from my friends brother) and its gritty for about 3 seconds then it melts. it is an amazing combination. i am flying

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    I'm really baked and a little benzo'd out.. Sleep-time soon

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    Peevee is where its at.

    This looks like it will be the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship (likely followed by a bout of pseudo-amphetamine-psychosis).

    Mix the bitch with 1,4-b and all associated dysphoria vanishes.

    The clarity is amazing. I feel like I haven't smoked weed in a fortnight. And its been many a year since a fortnight passed in between tokes.

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    Just smoked the shit out of some quality dmt. Perhaps, on top of the peevee, it was a mistake. A good mistake, but a mistake none the less.

    I lurv dmt, but I hate the hour or so that follows. Couple of hours and I may decide to redose MDPV. Is six hours enough time between doses? I still can't seem to find an answer.

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    +10mg. Clarity returns.

    Tastes like powerded licorice cut with dirt. Depravity in its powdered form.

    +2.5ml 1,4b. Nausea departs.

    Tastes like evil. Walking on clouds.

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    peevee makes me grin
    depravity in a bag
    detox comes next week

    Haiku's up in this bitch, motherfuckers!

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    Man, the up is fucking awesome. The down..... well, I can see why staying up is good.

    Just evac'd my stomach, and now its time to try (ie fail) and get some sleep.

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    Friday at last. Will spark up a j as soon as I get home.

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    400mg tramadol (so far...) and about 5-6 grams of gabapentin. I am seriously fucked up and I feel awesome. I wish I had some weed, though. I'm on probation, motherfuckers...


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    Had 4mg Riv about 10 mins ago - nothing yet. Maybe toke up a skinner soon.

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    i'm in the magic zone with soft clouds with white pure rain drops of sweetnes...
    i haveant been in here in a while...
    some beer
    more ketamine
    and nicotine
    on clouds of forgettingness and rain drops
    damn it's paceful

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    Yesterday afternoon to now (next morning): 20mg xanax 5mg mogadon 700mg tramadol 60mg oxazepam 3 biccies (mdxx) 2 points smoked cystal meth & 360mg codeine a

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