Thread: How long is a prescription good for before it can't be filled anymore?

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    How long is a prescription good for before it can't be filled anymore? 
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    I've read quite a few pharmacy-related questions in this thread so I'm posting it here. However, mods: If this can be handled better elsewhere, please shift.

    This is actually a hypothetical (it really is) question that I've been wondering for quite awhile now.

    Let's say I see my doc today and get a hand-written prescription. What if I forget to fill the prescription because I already have enough of that medication from the last time I visited the doc.
    If I stumble across the written prescription in six months, can I take it to the drug store and have it filled still? What about a year down the road?
    When is a script too old to be filled?

    Does this change when the medications are scheduled? Does it even matter?
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    Prescription related questions don't go in OD; this should go either in your regional forum or legal discussion. I'll try this in North & South American Drug Discussion first, mods do as you see best.

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    i dunno about having a written a rx for something,
    but i had a prescription ambien cr at cvs with 5 refills, and it had been about 4 months since i filled it and i called the other day and the pharamacist said the prescriptiojn had expired. i asked why sincei had 4 or 5 refills on it!!?
    he said they expire after 4 months of inactivity.
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    they are usually voided after 4-6 mos
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    I was told at wallgreens that they are good for one year from the date the script was written. But maybe that is not for controlled class scripts. IDK
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