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    Benzodiazepine Blues 
    Just a poem I wrote. Keep in mind I love my k-pins but I've learned a lot of self-control since the days when benzos almost did me in.

    Benzodiazepine Blues
    By John Scott Holman

    I used to take one, now I take more,
    Sometimes three, sometimes four.
    Diazepam, lorazepam, clonazepam.
    Goddamn! Goddam!
    Doctor, give me these instead.
    Pills roll like tumbleweeds through my head.
    Blue and green, white and yellow,
    They soften stress and leave me mellow.

    I used to take four, now I take six.
    Anything to get my fix.
    Alprazolam, oxazepam, temazepam,
    And still I say, Goddamn! Goddamn!
    But something has changed now,
    My mind is rearranged now.
    Doctor, doctor, won't you listen,
    Something stronger to escape this prison!

    I used to take six, now I take ten,
    Yet soon I feel the withdrawals begin.
    There's nothing stronger, I've tried them all.
    I sweat and shake and my skin crawls.
    Oh, Xanax heal me, Valium free me,
    I look like a madman to all who see me.
    I'm pale and frightened as the dying.
    While waiting at the pharmacy I begin crying.

    I used to take ten, now I've lost count.
    I know I've eaten a freakish amount.
    I wash them down with swallows of rum.
    My life before pills may have been hum-drum,
    But now my life is meaningless,
    And I can feel death's sweet caress.
    I fall to the floor, my breathing slows. 911! Emergency! Overdose!
    We almost saved him, we came so close...
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    sorry dude, this doesn't belong in here. i'll move it over to the Words Forum for you
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    that sick man

    loving your other works as well

    keep it up
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