Thread: Does bleach clean needles?

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    Does bleach clean needles? 
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    If someone who has hep-c has used a needle and you clean it out with bleach and then water, is the needle gonna be clean of hep c? or any other diseases?

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    Yes bleach kills every disease that could be in your rig, but from what i was told by a nurse is that it leaves behind a dangerous residue in your rig, that know matter how times you rinse will always be there, so it's not a safe alternative to a clean needle, the bleach would have to be a higher concentration to kill hep c, then water when mixed to kill diseases. This is what i was told by nurse, if she knew what she was talking about.

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    I've heard about the same. That u can clean ur equipment with bleach. But I shouldn't trust it to 100%. Just don't use the same syringe as anyone else. New, sterile ones isn't hard to get or expensive. I usually get mine for free from my dealer. Sometimes I pay a small symbolic sum.

    Nowadays u can easily order what u want from the internet. Pick size yourself. Though the smallest syringe pack contains 100 pieces I think. Always good to have at home anyway.

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    It is impossible to kill EVERY disease with bleach. The only way that you can be sure somethin is sterile is if it is sealed in a pressurized steam room at extremely high temperatures and disinfectant for 24 hours. Bacterial spores are extremely resistant to all kinds of antibacterial shit and cant be killed with bleach alone or even quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) which is the highest level of sanitation expected on most states levels. ( quats mixed with water=the blue shit in the glass jar that they use to clean utensils at nail salons, barbershops, etc)

    Use fresh needles. youre in jersey. Just go to a exchange dude. Why would you use a needle you think might have diseases on it. I mean i know why becuz I been there, but it just aint smart an coming from the viewpoint of someone outside your shoes right now, you prolly feel like you really need to use it RIGHT NOW and you want to take the risk but just dont do it man. most likely any disease would already be dead becuz it was exposed to air for a good while, and after bleach youd prolly be aight, but why risk it? its jus stupid. And if you want to see stupid, check OD for my thread abotu the same fuckin thing, a needle my cousin used and i wasnt sure if she had Hep c. i decided against using the needle even after bleaching it and - accidentally pricked myself with it while capping it. You can never be too safe. I coulda caught hep C not even from using the set. accidents happen dont be one.

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