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    Amsterdam psy-trance 
    I will be living in Amsterdam starting in the fall. Any psytrance/rave scene there? If so please name some venues/warehouses/clubs.


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    I lived there for a year and a half... you will have to train it to Rotterdam for that stuff usually. Not a long ride.

    Lots of hardcore though you might like... gabber.. hard house.. and you can find some psytrance.

    There is a shop DEDICATED to psytrance right in Amsterdam... Find Liedseplien (spelling?) and walk the two main roads.. you will hear the music. They carry the CD's and flyers for ll the events.

    Just walk around the city from Dam Square to Liedseplien.

    Have fun in Amsterdam.

    Do NOT buy anything off the streets, there will be any trying to sell you bunk coke and X.

    Once you make friends there... depends what you like; it can be heaven. Or hell.

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    Aye I searched high and low for psytrance when I went (only for a week). Eventually found a Prog Trance night by the docks, was reasonably good fun. is worth a browse. Some of it's in Dutch though.

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    Thanks for the replies all will be very helpful in the near future.

    So what type of electronic-music scene is Amsterdam known for? Any links of musicians or DJs I should check out?

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    Pretty much just gabber (and I think that's a dodgy/dieing scene now possibly)/trance/eurorubbish I believe. Everything else is a bit rare.

    Not sure on this info btw, just what I think I know, might be wrong.

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    Are there often psy/goa trance shows in Rotterdam? No goa in Amsterdam? I was under the impression that Amsterdam had quite a rave culture.

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    Since you will be living there.. you will find the places. Once your there.. don't sweat it.

    There isnt a very big Goa scene.. but you will find some coffee shops or clubs that will play it.

    Its all about finding the record shops with the flyers.

    Or the crazy psychedelic store.

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    ya, check out the local "smart shops" they usually have flyers for local events

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    Hardstyle hardstyle Hardstyle

    ... All the way!

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    cool, thanks guys.

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    There's psytrance events quite often in and around Amsterdam, check out Often held in squatted places, sometimes legal sometimes not.. But always a good time, especially the outdoor ones in summer.

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    i love authentic gabber.. im going dam soon.. i might just have a blast afterall aha :P

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    yeah ill be there end of oct.

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