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    Buy meth pipe online 
    Can you buy one online anywhere? Too chicken to try the lightbulb thing, tried foil and yuck yuck yuck. I live in a small town In oregon and dont know where to get one.

    Drove to cali to hook up with a friend and broke my pipe right before heading home. Ugh. Have tried a line but, yeeowza, not good. Major noise and brain burn.

    Ate a pile two days in a row (sprinkled a small pile on tissue, folded it up and down she goes), real nice all day high, but man I wanta puff.

    This time I bought a bunch (11 grams) and now no way to smoke. I see all kinds of glass pipes on line but dont know if any would work. I want my friend doug (thats wht they call the little glass pipes with bulb and hole on top down in Cali)

    So anyone out there know where I can get online , (or a decent subsitute description) and shipped to me in ORegn, USA


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    all you need to smoke meth is to be able to heat it to a point where it is vapour.. so any 'bowl' shaped pipe would work really.

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    You have 11 grams, holy fuck that's heaps!

    Down here in New Zealand that would cost about $4500!

    What about those glass roses you can buy at the corner stores that are really for crack?

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    making one from a bulb is pretty easy, i tried it last week for the first time and it took all of 10 minutes. it's way better than foil.

    but yeah, those rose tubes work good.

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    Can't remember the site, but there was a weed pipe that worked under the same premise as a bulb, but was blown glass. Pretty cheap. I'll PM you if I remember.

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    good question.
    You can't source this from here mate.
    It's all about who you know, these questions aren't acceptable.
    Read the rules

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    I'm not sure where your 'lol' comes from, claire is correct.

    mrsmayberry, please read our rules. Sourcing is not allowed, this includes sourcing of paraphernalia.

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