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    oxycodone + lyrica 
    how well do these drugs synergize?

    i plugged 30 mg's oxycodone, then popped 30 more mg's about 30 minutes after that, and wasnt satisfied with the high, so i took some benadryl and zanaflex, and 300 mg's lyrica, and i am about to pop 30 more mg's oxycodone.

    so what should i expect to feel off the lyrica + potentiated oxy?
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    im extremely dissapointed. i had really bad luck with getting high tonight.

    i took 120 mg's of oxycodone (60 mg plugged 60 mg oral), i took 450 mg's lyrica, 75 mg' benadryl, and 4 mg's zanaflex, and im just kinda sleepy.

    and i dont even have a monster tolerance or anything. this morning i plugged 22.5 mg's and it got me high as fuck
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    Lyrica increases the drowsiness of oxy and will take some of the speedy effect of oxy (if you get that) away. So it can add to the nod abit.
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    I used some Lyrica last night with Oxycodone and it made me feel cluttered, lightheaded and my emotions felt 'dull'. I was drooling all over myself and couldn't walk without staggering.

    I've been off Suboxone for six days from a one and half year maintenance. No, I'm not going back to opiates but I had six Percocet stashed away ever since I started so that I could have a final taste when finally off it. I didn't enjoy it. I could get higher from just taking an extra one or two capsule from my Lyrica prescription.
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    Oxy is like a one high a day drug. Yesterday i did 40 mg in the morning and was off my rocker. Last night i did approximately 70mg and some Xanax and some beer; it just made me tired no euphoria. Gotta little nod goin for awhile but thats it. Was bummed that i wasted like all that oxy
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    Not a good combo 
    I find you have to be at least 24 hrs off Lyrica to get full effect of oxy otherwise its a nod and short no euphoria.
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    look up oxycodone and lyrica in the search engine. I got pretty intense OEVs from 300-450 mg lyrica and 90-180 mg oxycodone (but you may want to adjust for tolerance). also both of these drugs can cause respiratory depression so be careful about mixing doses that are out of your league.
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    My husbands death was caused by mixing these two drugs............ prescribed by his Pain Management Specialist. Lyrica + Oxycontin can equal overdose and death. It shut down his respirations and he died of sudden cardiac death, from lack of oxygen flow to the heart. He was using these pills plus others such as Trazedone, Rhovane and others, to manage pain for fibromyalgia, all under the direction of his Dr. His Doctor doubled the dose of oxy and he died the morning he took it, along with his lyrica. His Doctor is now being sued. For GOD sake realize you are not invincible and avoid these two together. Lyrica potentiates opiate drugs and exacerbates their effects making them MORE potent and therefore........ more lethal too. My husband had a tremendous tolerance to drugs.......... but the fact is..... the more your tolerance the more you have to have your drugs increased in doseage until finally you are going to OD. Its inevitable. Its probably a very euphoric way to go..... but its final.... and those left behind are devastated .
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