Thread: Bad throbbing pain in neck and back of head for 2 weeks

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    Bad throbbing pain in neck and back of head for 2 weeks 
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    Almost 2 weeks ago I was walking through the mall and just out of nowhere got a really weird feeling in the back of my head and neck. I took a couple of Tylenol, and the pain went away after about 30 mins so I thought nothing of it. Well since then things have just gotten worse. I am constantly having a throbbing pain in the bottom right part of my head, and on the side part of my neck. The pain always is always on the right side, and starts just on the right side of that long muscle that connects your head and shoulders.It feels like a head rush that you get when standing up too fast, with also some sharp pains when I move my neck. It doesn't feel like muscle pain or anything like that. It feels like blood pounding on my head....just a lot of pressure. Taking ibuprofen or pain meds gets rid of it for about 3-4 hours, but after that the pain starts up full force again. I never get headaches, so needless to say I am freaking out. I have a history of high blood pressure, so I went to my family doctor on Wednesday but he said my BP was fine. I've been checking it lately and it's normal, so I don't think thats it.

    I then tried a neuro a few days ago. Thankfully she said all brain activity checked out fine from her exam. I got several injections which she said would block the nerve pain and also some steroid injections. That was a couple of days ago and the pain really still isn't any better. She did give me a stronger anti-inflammatory which helps keep the pain away for about 6 hours at a time.
    She's convinced it is muscle/nerve pain, which I tend to agree with. I'm just not sure what else to try to fix it. I went to a chiropractor a couple of times and that didn't help at all. A massage just made it worse. I think next I'm going to try my orthopedist that I see for an unrelated back condition.

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    So what are you looking for here?

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    My boyfriend gets something like this periodically. Its an intense headache at the back where the neck and head meet. Dr's told him it was stress related, and it seems that that is true.

    I dont know if this will help, but what I always do for myself and others during severe headaches is to lay down flat on your back (lay on the floor if its a muscular pain) with a warm or cold washcloth over your eyes and a light pillow under your head. Turn down or off the lights and put on some soothing music. It really helps to relax and sometimes you even fall asleep It has always helped to relieve headaches in my experience.

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    I was getting something similar and saw a physio, he said it's posture related and since I've been seeing him and getting acupunture/massages, doing stretches he taught me and working on posture it's let up to a large degree, though there's still work to do.

    Worth considering.

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