Thread: What solvents are opiate actives soluble in ???

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    What solvents are opiate actives soluble in ??? 
    Which solvents would be good for dissolving the opiate alkaloids such as morphine, thebaine, codeine, papaverine AND which solvents would not dissolve these alkaloids at all?

    I'm aware that they are highly water soluble but thats not what I want to know.

    I have checked merck but it doesn't list solvents such as naptha, iso alcohol, acetone. I want to know which if these will and will not dissolve the important poppy actives.

    Help is much appreciated.
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    None. Targetted alkaloids have varying solubility indexes meaning one will be effective for one alkaloid but none will be effective for all.

    There are two reasons to ONLY worry about morphine. First, it is the largest percentage wise, many times over. Secondly, it is the only one you should be worry about psychoactively (meaning as far as its "high"). Why? Because codeine, the second largest percentage is only converted into morphine once you consume it (as far as psychoactivity) so in the end you are only feeling morphine anyway.

    Thebaine is not a substance people should be using psychoactively. Its value lies in its potential for synthesis for semi-synthetic opioids like oxycontin, oxymorphone, etc.

    So, to get your mophine you only need very hot (but not boiling) water, that is is. You can get up to 50% of its freebase by simply soaking it in hotwater as people tend to do when preparing Poppy Tea. If you want to do it effectively you need to use calcium and then ammonium hydroxide in that order. The form of calcium is not really relevant. The calcium will halp leech morphine while the ammonium leeches all the other undesired alakloids except a tiny bit of codeine which is carried over into your morphine. Good luck.
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    I bet they won't be soluble in naptha, but probably in isopropanol and acetone. pH is a very important factor though. And like what rachamim said, they won't all be soluble in the same solution.
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    The reasoning behind this is to go from dry pod to smokable.

    I figure water extract to pod putty,
    Defat with naptha (throwing naptha away and keeping solids)
    then do an iso alcohol extract.

    What do you think?

    Is morphine already in its freebase form when extracted from pod?

    There is so much BS on the subject I decided it would be best to work out a method for myself.
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    You are wrong on several levels. ASide from still not assimilating what I said about differing solubility indexes, Pods are smokable as is.

    Yes, it is in a freebase when first extracted. Well, it is first as a salt but highly impure (much the same way that heroin is a salt ,acetate, when first extracted before conversion to freebase). When you you extract it in Tea, it is simply freebase. If you do a more precise extraction using clacium, etc. then it will be present as a salt (calcium morphenate) but it is only vialble as an intermediate form of synthesis because of the pH deficiency and highly impure state.

    Look, IF you are worried about Pods, in the end they do not have enough alakloids to worry about unless you are extracting roughly (literally) 1 million Pods, a la "Kabay," etc. Just make some Tea, because in the end all your effort will not get you much more. If you do not have living Technically Ripe Pods, you can only hope to obtain anything via Tea.
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    "You are wrong on several levels" Thats why I'm asking questions, I'm aware that I don't have the answers. I'm geussing until someone helps me.

    "differing solubility indexes"
    I did take that in and already realised it but you said morphine is the most important so there for I don't need to worry about it!

    "Pods are smokable as is"

    Smokable maybe but concentrated enough to be on par with opium... Obviously not.
    I'm trying to get an extract here thats of a reasonable potency but you obviously did not assimilate that...

    "roughly (literally) 1 million Pods"

    OK now your just speaking complete shit.

    If 5 pods in tea does the trick and extract 5 pods and eat the extract its gonna be about the same effect so don't tell me I need a million pods to make an extract. Besides I happen to have access to a LOT of pods

    Thanks for the actual info you provided but please cut the assumptions. I apologise for being an asshole but thats what I am. I'm an asshole because nobody ever answers my fucking question but they are all to eager to give me loads of other shit.

    All I want to know is,
    how soluable is morphine in naptha?
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    Quote Originally Posted by myst4 View Post
    ...I'm aware that they are highly water soluble... I have checked merck but it doesn't list solvents such as naptha, iso alcohol, acetone.
    If you know its solubility in whatever was given from Merck, say, ethanol, ether, etc.... you should be able to guess the rest. Not the exact mg/mL amounts, but a fair estimate. If its highly soluble in ethanol, then it will be chill in isopropyl, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by judasschwarz View Post
    Well I would like to know║ how soluble hydrocodone is in methanol (wood alcohol).

    I would also like to know how soluble oxycodone is in methanol.

    I would like to know because I'm doing cwe's on perc's and hydro's. I would like to end up with powder instead of liquid. I don't want to boil the water away because I'm afraid I'll damage the opiates. Iso or eth. alcohol have higher boiling temperatures than methanol.

    Now.. can anyone "assimilate" wtf I'm talkin bout here ? Thanks.
    Alcohols tend to be quite volatile, and will evaporate quickly enough on their own. They don't need to be boiled for quick evaporation, although you can use a little heat to speed things up.

    You can look up the solubility several places online that you can find with google, but if I recall correctly, solubility in specific alcohols is generally specified as "slightly soluble", if at all.

    But Boiling the water away works just fine for oxycodone. I do not know about hydrocodone, but I expect that's probably OK too.

    Of course, boiling gives the fastest results but it can also cause splatter, and must be watched closely tp avoid boiling over, or (if left too long) burning. If you prefer, below boiling temperatures can also be used for rapid evaporation. For example:

    1) make a small tray out of Reynolds™ RELEASE™ "NON-STICK" heavy-duty foil
    1a) check tray for watertightness by placing on sheet of newspaper, pouring water into tray, and leaving it for five minutes. If tray is watertight, discard water, otherwise discard tray.

    2) Preheat pizza tray to between warm and 200F.

    3) place non-stick tray on pizza tray

    4) pour your oxy liquid into non-stick tray

    Check it after 5 minutes. If not dry, wait another 5.

    Note: If you obtained the liquid through CWE, even though the APAP is gone, there will probably also be other water-soluble excipients in your liquid. The appearance of the final result will depend upon what excipients accompanied your API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) With some, you may have a powder after evap. With others, you may have a clear transparent solid that you will have to crush. Because you used a non-stick foil, you won't have to scrape the final product off the foil. By the same token, you need to be careful when handling it. Especially near a fan or central air duct!
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    If you boil water to speed evaporation, wouldn't this destroy a good amount of opiate?
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