Thread: 4-Aco-Met - First time - Wonderfull night with colors and hapiness of beeing alive

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    4-Aco-Met - First time - Wonderfull night with colors and hapiness of beeing alive 
    Substance : 4-Aco-Met ( pure )
    Dose : 25 mg ( approximatively ) seperate in 2 times
    Duration : onset 20-30 minutes
    total duration : 9 hours

    A friend of mine recently gave me some 4-aco-met ( I totally trust him on quality ) as I am interested in all tryptamines and phenethylamines derivates it was a luck for me to be able to reach this material . I’m not a very experienced tripper but I like to try different products and make a comparison of them . I would say first that 4-aco-met was one of my top 3 favourite trips, very very pleasant.

    In one year I tested some psychedelics drugs like LSD, 5 different kind of mushrooms, 2ci , 2ct7 , DXM , LSA, and some other non psychedelics drugs , but I tested all these drugs not more than 3 times exept for mushrooms ( 15 times ) ( I say that only for you to figure out my drug experience ).

    My bad english do not allow me to explain all with details but im gonna do my best to match my report with reality and feelings I had on the moment.

    The trip :

    All the trip takes place in my friend’s appartement ( let’s call him S ) who takes the drug too ( he has always been my “ tripmate” with all substances we tried and we are best friends for years and years ) . The appartement is a quiet place, comfortable and nice . We have a lot of hashish and we make some tea just before to eat the coumpound. We are relaxed .


    As I don't have any scale I eyeball the dose to have approximatively 15 to maximum 17-18 mg ( I divided the 100 mg in 6 almost equal parts ) . We eat the powder by putting it in rizla pappers .We begin to listen to some music ( drum n bass ) and we decide to roll some joints waiting for the coming up.

    T+ 25 minutes

    We both ( S and me ) begin to feel something. S is laughing at each sentence I say and I find everything pretty cool and funny too. if I focus on the wall I can see colors and shadows moving ( in a tiny way, I mean I know this is the beginning and I’m glad ) the coming up makes me think about mushrooms coming up but it is smoother than that and there is no need to puke, I feel very healthy , even more than usual.

    T between 50 minutes and 1 h 30

    Coming up is definitely slower than on mushrooms , coming up is not finished yet and the more it’s coming up the more I feel very good and peace in mind . S is ok too, speaking is not easy, I mean it’s a bit difficult to make complicated sentences and to interact with my friend . Introspection seems to be more pleasant and more suitable with this coumpound . Thinking is easy but not so enhanced I mean when u take LSD or 2ct7 there is just a little thinking enhancement , on mushrooms there is a lot of thinking enhancement, with 4-aco-met u have wonderfull CEV’s and OEV’s and u have a medium thinking enhancement too. I feel very very good, all my muscles are smooth and relaxed, I've got the impression than I lost 40 kilos and I can move every part of my body so easily everything is beautiful. I'm glad to be with my friend I figure out he is a very very good guy and than we did a lot of wonderful things together, I think about my family who are the most nice people on the earth and im glad to be alive. I’m in a very good mood, almost the best state of mind I had on a substance ( like big doses of mushrooms ) but it’s not visual enough for me so we decide to take 5-8,9 mg more.

    T 1 h 45 : I take another 8-9 mg

    The trip is continuing , we talk about life and things with S and 25 minutes after the second drug ingestion I fell the trip intensifying. Everything is beautiful, well designed and I can do what I want with my mind, all the things I see can be changed. The face of a guy, a shape that I can re-shape in my own way, I see huge items when I close my eyes, items I ‘ve never seen before which are too beautiful, too perfect and too huge to have been created by us ( I mean these items were pretty strange and seemed to be a part of a higher level world ) . . . And it lasted about 3 hours more, after that it had begun to fade.
    Until it had no more effect at the 9 hour point.

    This trip was one of my favourite because this substance made me more creative with thinking . I was able to morph faces of people like I wanted, a bit like painting of dali, in a very creative way, I had strong feeling about things and people very important in my life and all my tought were very positive and very constructive, I figured out my life was very good and that I was very lucky to be in a such situation. This substance make me think about my first strong mushrooms trip but smoother and a bit different , I really really spent a great moment and remembered important things in my life. Next time im gonna try 30 mg in one hit to see if the mental enhancement is more pronounced, I had the impression that 25 mg in 2 separated doses was not strong enough but already really nice and beautifull.

    Note : I love music and when I trip I always try to listen some good music . For me phenethylamines or LSD do not change music a lot, I mean it don't make it greater , I listen to it and it's ok but no more feelings about it . On mushrooms I usually find music so so great, it gives me feelings of beeing in another dimension and music exists in another way, I hear new sounds and music seems a lot more beautifull, with 4aco-met that's a bit the same, it enhances music and make it more beautifull.

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    Awesome report! This sounds like a really fun and worthwhile compound.
    And your English is great, the mistakes you make are cute

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    wow yes this pretty much sold me on 4-ho-met being the next chem i use. i hope its as smooth as the aco, it seems mets work so well at high doses ill probs start at 30mg.

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    Sounds lovely! I do like a slow come-up, and they seem not to be so easy to come by amongst the tryptamines. And I echo champ's sentiments about the excellence of your English.

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    Nice report!

    Haven't tried this one either.. sounds very quality.
    Your english is very good btw.

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    Ayo., nice report and all well explained, bud. Makes me want to try it. This was the fumurate by the way.

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    That sounds like good stuff, another one to add to the todo list

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    This has been floating around for a bit now, good to see a recent TR

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    Nice, great report! I love 4-HO-MET... the AcO sounds quality also! Also sounds like it probably lasts longer, which is good.

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    Thx for reading my TR, btw I tried it again yesterday night and I find it defenitely more interesting to explore with closed eyes, this material really gives me wonderfull CEV's and all the trip was again very positive and funny, good atmosphere, good comprehension, nice coumpound, want to try 4-aco-dalt or 4 aco dmt to compare them and see if it can be as sweet as 4 aco met.

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