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    tramadol overdose? 
    Taking too much tramadol causes seizures. Are there symptoms you get when you approach the threshold that causes you seizures? For example, RLS, cramping, or anthing else? Or is it just a hidden count in your brain, you're normal and then you're dieing?

    As well, what drugs increase the chances of seizures? I think amphetamines do, but I don't remember if that was a pipe dream or if there is proof to this.

    I would assume barbs, benzos, and carispodal reduce the odds of seizure.

    I think flexeril increases the risk of seizure, as well?

    One last question... Does taking the tramadol all at once increase the risks of seizure. Suppose an abuser has been taking 600mg over the course of like 2 hours. Would dosing it all at once increase his risks?

    Note, yes, I can get 'real' drugs, but the focus of this thread isn't to get me higher, it's about information related to tramadol overdoses.
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    dunno about the signs of overdose as it's never happend to me.
    iv taken 750 in one go without any problems. but i had a tolorance at that time.
    maybe you should check erowid for some reports. iv seen plenty of reports of seizures there.

    also, yes your right about the seizure risk when taking a stimulant and tramadol combo.
    dunno about carisprodal but benzos and barbs are used medically for stopping/preventing seizures.

    good luck and play safe

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    This is the only drug I have truly OD'd on. I failed to take into account the half life of tramadol. I think I took close to 1000mgs in a 24 hour period. I honestly felt fine, I was on my way to work. I was told by witnesses that I had a seziure. I also blacked out and have no recollection of the accident that incurred soon after the seziure.

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    hebb22, did you notice or feel anything unusual in your mind or body before the seizure?

    I have a very high seizure threshold, as well. But I figure, once I have a seizure even one time, then I will be far more likely to have seizures even at lower doses. Thanks for the input so far everyone.

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    I have never had a seizure on Tramadol, but I am sure everyone is different. I have done incredible amounts of Tramadol over a 24 hr period and never had a seizure. As far as OD'ing the first signs you have done too much are vicious vomiting and an insane migraine like headache. You feel so bad all you want to do is lay on the couch with slight pressure on your head and a trash-can near by. After this stage (which I obviously quit for 6-8 hrs or so) I would assume you would hit seizure/blackout status and to the point your heading to the hospital. Hope this helps and Good Luck..


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    Yeah it happened to me actually and I remember what happened right before I went down, I was really hot and had racing thoughts and was really really shakey, I also didnt realize the half life and had taken around 20 within 2 days...scored myself a trip to the psych ward..

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    PartyHatGuy, did you experience a headache at all? Or nauseau? And also, when did your shaking, overheating, and racing thoughts begin? Like an hour before your seizure?

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    Yeah i experienced both nausea and a headache on top of EXTREME confusion, it was completely on top of me within 15-20 minutes with very little to no noticable problems before that, i should also add I wass mixing tramdadol with soma, either one could have caused the seizure, and a combination of the 2 would have as well.

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    When it happened to me, I knew it was going to happen. My head felt like it was filled with ginger aile. A few seconds later I was out, and woke up in the back of a car on the way to the hospital completely confused.

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    What could happen if someone has a seizure and is alone?

    Would they snap out of it and be alright after a while?

    Also is the risk of seizure reduced or increased if mixed with SOMA?

    Hope someone out there has the answers to my questions

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    I knew someone that od' on tramadol and had a full blown grand mal seizure. Two of them. It was scary. I saw it myself and called 911 because it was so brutal looking.

    However, I am the opposite. Two months ago I just became clean off of opiates. Tramadol, hydro, oxy, whatever. I cocktail 20 pills a day at my peak with tramadol being one of ones thrown in there. I never had a seizure but I can remember times when I was really sick to my stomach and had horrible headaches.

    I have heard about a lot of folks having seizures from this. Stay safe.

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    One sign is experiencing light-headedness (the same kind that comes when you are really hungry) and shortness of breath. You may also start to feel some uncomfortable muscle twitches / involuntary movements.

    Also, I haven't seen this said yet, but if you are planning on taking a high dosage of tramadol, do not drink coffee. The more caffeine that is in your system, the lower your seizure threshold will get. I've seen someone experience this the hard way, just don't mix the two.

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    I had a seizure on Tramadol at around 1200mg (I believe, can't be sure). I remember absolutely nothing alarming in the minutes leading up to the seizure. I woke up on my bed, after what I believe was only a few minutes (again, can't be sure), I tried to stand up and threw up all over my wall. I was high, but just didn't feel right. At the moment, I didn't even realize I had a seizure.

    After cleaning up, I went to sleep. The next day I woke up, and didn't have the strength to stand up or lift my arms more than an inch.

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    This is a drug I have overdosed on. I was taking it and increasing the dosage as my tolerance grew. The evening I took 20 pills (I believe this is 1000mg - I think the pills were 50mg apiece). I had a grand mal seizure, experienced no warning signs. I was high, naturally, but nothing unusual, no headaches or dizziness (other than being high). I woke up in a co-worker's arms, with a towel stuck in my mouth. I never got sick, never threw up or anything. It was scary because I had been steadily increasing my dosage by two pills each time over a period of almost a year. The day I added two to make twenty did me in, even though I had a high tolerance. I did take them all at the same time, as I always did when I dosed. I would only dose once a day, so am unsure about breaking up doses into hours. Anyway, I decided tramadol was not fun anymore after that. Hope this helped.

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    What did you guys do after your seizures? GO to the hospital/doctor?

    How were you effected afterward?

    Are you alright now? ( I hope so )

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    i didnt know a tramadol OD was possible

    my buddy had a bottle of 30 tramadols. i took them all in about 5 hours. i was fine, awake all night. drinking partying etc.

    not to dick size at all, cuz if you look at my posts, i obviously have no tolerance. i just thought that tramadol was so weak it was almost impossible to OD

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    I take 400mgs when I get up in the morning.And I haven't had any problems.Knowing that 400mgs is the limit ,I don't do anymore for the day. I take either my oxy or norco in the afternoon.
    I would also like to know if you can take flexeril with them.
    Amyway hope it helped a little bit anyway..

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    is there anyway to get rid of the shakey/racing random thoughts? a friend is goin thru hell now
    from havin one too many of the 200mg xr tabs , for pain , not rec use , any help be appreciated

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    Really, everyone is different. I have taken 1000mg a few times and really just ended up throwing up just about every time. Around 800mg I feel a little twitchy but who is to say what that truly is. All the normal precautions can be taken, but in the end. You truly have to decide if a seizure is a risk you wanna take.
    I can't say I'm the smartest person in the world...If I'm taking a high dose, I stay in, and away from sharp and hard objects. I figure if I do have a seizure (never had one,ever) I'll know better next time. *shrug*

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    Know this is a year old thread, but hey, mods like telling us off for starting threads on already covered topics, right?

    I overdosed on Tramadol in the early hours of friday morning: I'd taken 600 mg the night before, then 400 mg the next afternoon along with opium poppy tea.

    I felt fantastic for the day until took the last 100 mg & began to have a splitting headache, heavy nausea, shaky hands & eventually vomiting. So i took a gram in 36 hours along with 50mg dipehenhydramine to help nausea. Today i saw this thread & have become repelled by my recent use.

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    these are interesting and scary stories here, I want to add a piece of information though, it is NOT tramadol Overdose perse that causes the seizure, anyone can have a seizure from any amount of tramadol, I never have and use to take 20 a day everyday, but I know others that have on as little as 200 mg. the seizure is dependant upon the overstimulation of the norepinephrine and serotonin centers in the brain and is random from person to person, an actual tramadol "overdose" doesn't necessarily cause seizures but might. these are not actual lethal overdoses they are just doses that lowered the seizure threshold for you individually enough to cause a seizure. the actual "overdose" will compromise of shallow breathing and puking, and erratic heartbeat and most likely serotonin syndrome and may or may not include seizures. as always be careful with this nasty substance. I have been addicted to it for over a year and never had a seizure even at 1,000 mg per day. but I hope that my luck doesn't run out.

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    Research tonic clonic seizure

    Theres a aura period

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    My tramadol expirience 
    This is all I can say about tramadol, for some it can be perfectly safe if they happen to have a low seizure threshold, but for the unlucky ones like me, tramadol can be hell. So I had used tramadol quite a few times, with doses of around 200-300 mg. I loved the opiate like feeling and continued to get more from my friend (50 mg tabs). so within this two day period I had consumed a good amount of tramadol and decided to take a large dose on the third day. I took ten 50 mg pills (500 mg) and waited for effects, as they came on I took 4 more leading to a total dose of 700 mg. While sitting on my friends couch I had a horrible brain zap, my whole body jerked and I got really scared. I stood up and walked outside and as soon as I got to the road, no memory at all. My friend who supplied the tramadol said I seized for a good 3 minutes and stopped breathing for a few seconds (common with tramadol seizures), I also broke my nose and ruptured blood vessels in my eye from the faceplant on the concrete. I went to the hospital and got the "your a drug user were not giving you any pain meds for your broken nose" speech. I now get brain zaps with certain drugs, especially cathinone derivatives, and had another seizure from only two tramadol pills. All I can say is tramadol can be good, or your worst enemy so be careful, If you feel anything weird (body tingling (aura) or sudden jerking of your body (brain zap). These things could be signs of an oncoming seizure. Sorry for rambling but I want everyone to know the dangers of tramadol.

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    so far seizures are a myth to me when using tramadol. i love benzos and opiates particularly but this synthopiate ive taken 20x50mg pills at once (this was in the morning during an outpatient rehab) and i was just nodding the fuck out. during breaks go outside and blaze a cig or two and feel perfect. those were the days, yessir those were the days indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benzopiate10 View Post
    so far seizures are a myth to me when using tramadol. i love benzos and opiates particularly but this synthopiate ive taken 20x50mg pills at once (this was in the morning during an outpatient rehab) and i was just nodding the fuck out. during breaks go outside and blaze a cig or two and feel perfect. those were the days, yessir those were the days indeed.
    You are a very lucky person, If you continue to take that amount to often you are running the risk of having a seizure. Opiates are amazing drugs but this one is nothing to play around with

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