Thread: Meth binge and my Poor, Poor throat!

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    Meth binge and my Poor, Poor throat! 
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    So I just came out of a small meth binge and I'm dealing with a MAJOR throat problem. Now, I remember coming back from Chicago after Live on the Decks and bein' up for 4 days, and my throat felt like it had literally been cut to pieces (which ironically, it really had!)...but this REALLY hurts! Anyone else experience this?
    I snorted/smoked the stuff, and I've heard that when you smoke it, it can crystalize in your lungs and/or larynx if not exhaled quickly enough.
    Someone help because my hypochondria is telling me I've got THROAT CANCER!!!
    (done with that shit for a while!)

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    The first time my throat got really damaged by meth I was pretty fucking scared. It felt like I had bronchitis and that I had chronic dry throat. I was constantly coughing up brown phlegm. It went away after about 4 days of no meth use at all. It pretty much works the way any part of your body does when it gets irritated. It bothers you for a while, then goes away. The problem with your throat/lungs is that they are harder to heal and are more important to your body. So you will feel better, just give it a few days. In the meantime I recommend using on eof those throat sprays thats kind of numbs and sooths it. I use this all natural one with kava kava in it, and it works great. Also, drink a lot of a liquids and don't over do it again. If you just can't go without the meth than snort it or eat it, just don't smoke it. In fact you should probably just IV it, its the least harmful to your body.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Assman:
    and I've heard that when you smoke it, it can crystalize in your lungs and/or larynx if not exhaled quickly enough.

    this rumour is still going strong?
    meth can't crystalize in a moist enviroment

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    1) Meth will NOT crystalize in your lungs..
    2) Yes, your throat WILL hurt after smoking meth...
    3) This has been discussed so many times before, we dont need another thread!

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