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    Water pipes for meth 
    I've got a buddy who has this really nifty meth pipe that works just like a bubbler. It seems to hit REALLY well, but I can't find one ANYWHERE, not even on the 'net. How do I refer to these pipes, and where do I find them?

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    First thing I would do for finding them or maybe both is ask your buddy since he's got one.. lol
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    Wouldn't meth absorb into the bong water, at least partially? Meth is readily soluble in water....or am I missing something?

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    Right well that would be the obvious thing to do, right?
    Well I probably wouldn't have came here and asked the question if that were a possibility.
    He moved to Germany and isn't reachable. So does anyone know?

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    my bet is that a portion of the meth HCl would be absorbed in the water, making you smoke more to get the same high.
    just stick with a regular shard or bubble pipe for the best results.
    but if you really wanna make a crystal bubbler smoke some bud+crystal and start looking at what supplies you have laying around the house.
    if you're stoned enough you'll come outta there with somethin :P

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    As far as I know, it's relatively easy to turn a small (or large, hehe) bong & turn it into a meth pipe. Like Drayen said, household items (+ a bent stem) is all ya need. In my opinion, a hooka w/ a hose is *way* easier & effective to use... more fun, too
    From my own experience, smoking out of a hooka gets you *a lot* more fucked up & hits far better than a regular pipe/bubbler. As to meth dissolving in water, it does- to a certain extent. But, if you use juice instead of water in your bong (like, say, Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid, yum) you can drink it when you're done smoking & it'll hit ya really hard. Doesn't taste half bad either... Hope that was helpful.

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    Yeah, thanks for the informative reply.
    My buddy when smoking out of his bubbler had put grape gatorade in it, it was fun, and the vapor tasted nice.
    So how would one turn a regular weed bong/bubbler into a meth one? I'm using a regular oil pipe to smoke with now, but could buy a weed bubbler if I knew how to alter it.

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    You would definitely lose a significant amount of meth in the water; but that's alright, just take your water when your done and dump it in a baking dish to evaporate, and you should be left with some nice crystals you can scrape up.

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