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    Mushrooms - Experienced - Cubensis Report 
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    I'll elaborate a bit on the experience I had on 30g cubensis, now that I have slept it off...

    Me + girlfriend, at our home, 30g fresh homegrown cubensis each. The shrooms were very blue, which supposedly indicates good potency. We ate them mixed in yoghurt, cut in small pieces so we could swallow them whole. I think this somehow lengthened the duration of the trip, because the mushrooms were digested slower...

    The trip started very mellow and sedated, I was actually feeling drowsy when the effects started.. I was lying on my bed, staring the slight visuals on the ceiling. Gravity felt too strong, I couldn't lift a finger... I had some nice music playing in another room, when I started to feel some changes.

    I felt these "twists" in the gravitational field, the center of gravity suddenly switching from one direction to another, pulling me towards the source of music.. they felt really odd. Then suddenly I got up, and the tiredness was gone, and I was really far into it...

    The rest of the night was chaotic, to say the least. We were having a good time, we had good laughs... Our hamster was scared of us, and we spent a considerable time trying to convince him we weren't going to eat him. That made me a bit sad, the little guy seemed to be crying and saying "please don't eat me"...

    At some point, the awareness of time went really screwed, when maybe 4 hours had went since the starting of the trip I was almost convinced it had lasted for days... I seemed to recall the sun rising and setting several times.

    All in all, we had great fun. At some point we started watching the simpsons, which was really hilarious, I was chuckling continuously at something. The visual wasn't very intense on the trip, unless I concentrated on it... Audio was however, whatever was playing I could hear tiny mushrooms singing at the background of every song. At the end of the night, I wrapped myself in a blanket and felt really comfortable.

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    please name your threads correctly

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    lame trip report man, sorry!

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