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    best way to detox of methadone? 
    first i want to say hello and this place is great. ok. i have been on methadone for a year on and off. i have been on for the past 5 months straight. im stable now. im on 65mgs. anyways im ready to get off this stuff. they want to detox me at 3mgs a week till im off. this is crazy. is there any drugs that i can get to detox myself? i know that darvon has 3 of the same ingredients as methadone. 5 ingredients make up methadone. well darvon/ darvocet have 3 of those ingredients. anyways. should i do it their way? i would like to detox quicker though. 3 mgs a week will take months and months. plus im paying 84 bucks a week for this shit!! its breaking me bigtime. i work and half my check goes to this fucking clinic. plus the clinic sucks. their all about money. they dont give takeouts with ease. their all assholes too. they dont work with you at all. anyways im done ranting, but they piss me off. please someone help me out. this is the only drug im on. i dont drink or do anything else besides the methadone. im 25 years old to. i havent been on that long. one year on and off. if i miss one day i swear i get the cold sweats and shit. one friggin day! thanx for the help. please help me get off this shit.

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    [quote]Originally posted by kristofire:
    . im on 65mgs. darvon has 3 of the same ingredients as methadone. 5 ingredients make up methadone. well darvon/ darvocet have 3 of those ingredients. anyways. .
    Umm...first of all, you should prolly follow the advice of the clinic, or that failing, at least ask some kind of medical proffesional for advice. And I have no idea what you are talking about when you refer to methadone being made of 5 ingredients. Methadone is methadone. Perhaps you are refering to chemical structure? In which case, I do believe that darvocet is similar in chemical structure to methadone. Keep in mind that methadone is potent and long acting, so the withdrawls will be very drawn out if you don't taper right. I'm not really familiar with dosages, but it seems like 65 mg is a fairly moderate dose. Oh, and you might try lomital too when you are detoxing. It really helps to stop the shits, and may have some opiate properties.

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    Honestly, you need to go with a doctor on this one. Go around to a few doctors in your area to get second, third, fourth opinions on this, but try to find an educated doctor. This is a really hard thing you're going to have to go through. Methadone is the worst drug to withdrawl from, good luck, and I hope you make it.

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    thanx for the info. i will get a couple opinions from some docs. i guess i will have to detox the clinics way.

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    know that darvon has 3 of the same ingredients as methadone. 5 ingredients make up methadone. well darvon/ darvocet have 3 of those ingredients. anyways. should i do it their way? i would like to detox quicker though.
    My God, your talking about the inactive ingredients, arent you? Just completley forget about darvocet and methadone sharing the same ingredients because those ingredients are insignificant to say the least.
    Have you ever heard of or considered rapid detox? I'd love to hear some first hand accounts of this method of dt. If you can afford it you can be completely detoxed in like 4 hours.
    Here's some links. goto and plug rapid detox into the search box.
    Check out the flash in the first link. haha

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    You could always switch back to heroin, then try to taper that down. Or you could get some temgesic or tramadol and try to taper down off those. Or you could listen to your "health-care provider" and have them help you (best solution).

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    The first and only ansewr is SLOWLY.
    You can not try to jump off of methadone. I have not done this myself, but have watched my husband and I can tell you that trying to go faster then you should is not fun and you will suffer GREATLY.
    It would have been easier for you if you just took the hell of the heroin withdrawl!!
    Listen to them at the clinic. As much as I HATE the methadone clinic they are right about the amounts you should be dropping or not.
    As far as rapid detox, I don't think you can do that with methadone. Methadone has a very long half life (why you only dose once a day.) so it would take much longer then heroin or other opiates. (I also think it would take longer then four hours to do it with any of them)
    You have to go slow and easy and hand over that cash and remember for the future, methadone clinics are "for profit" clinics, they are there for the money, not for care and concern or really to help you get better...I mean really, what better then repeat business!
    But, that is just my opinion...I could be wrong.

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    thanx for all the info. i am going to slowly detox of this stuff. i havent been on that long. as i said on and off for a year. i was on for 3 months got off started doing dope again. jumped back ont he clinic. got down to 10mgs of methadone and walked off again. was fine for 2 weeks and had free dilaudids and started up again. did those for a few months and now back at the clinic. i know darvon and methadone are different. opiate vs. whatever darvon is. its the inactive ingredient i guess thats the same. i will detox off this stuff at 3 mgs a on 65mgs now. this stuff is ok. i dose once a day. one day i missed cause i had to work early and i felt like shit later that night. cold sweats and shit. i wa snever on heroin. oxycontins and dilauids. about 160mgs of oxys a day. i should of beat that withdarwl with buprenex. but oh well. i have a good job now. im doing alot better on the methadone then when i was on oxys. having to hunt down oxys allday. fuck that shit. plus trackmarks. no way. im over that shit. im on a cycle now so methadone makes me alittle tired somedays. anyways thanx again everyone. im going to listen to these counselors and slowly detox. i wish i could get a script of methadone pills froma doctor and detox myself like that. i will see what i can do.

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    Your gonna have a hell of a time. Detoxing off of methadone is wicked. I think your best bet would be to go to a rehab for inpatient treatment. If your set on doing it on your own, then I would gradualy lower your dose by 5 mg weekly. This will take a while to come off of but it beats cold turkey or another dramatic cut in your dose. Good luck...

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