Thread: mixing - crystal, weed and alcohol? Bad Idea?

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    mixing - crystal, weed and alcohol? Bad Idea? 
    i once smoked weed that had crystal in it, and i was was the first time i ever did it, was it a bad idea to mix? also, what is worse, snorting meth, or smoking it in crystal form?

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    Smoking meth is very bad for your lungs. If it's done occasionally, it's probably no worse than any other method.
    Harm reduction zealots would tell you that mixing any drugs is bad, but the combination of weed, alcohol and meth is very common. Just remember to keep your fluid levels up, as the alcohol is dehydrating. Not that you're likely to keel over from it, or anything. But you'll have a hell of a headache/hangover if you drink too much, and you'll be too speedy to sleep it off.

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    Great combo...I have added benzos to the mix for a very e like feeling. While everyone says this *be careful* it is quite easy on this combo to lose track of how many pills you have popped and how much meth you have done. It is best to have a friend or at least a preset hard limit.
    I did this once woke up found out I was semi-comatose after smoking like 1/2 a gram of meth (non-tolerant entierly) 30 xanax and as much weed as I could smoke. It is a good thing the xanax knocked me out before I had heart problems.
    So just do it reasonably
    In terms of which is worse, probably theoretically with pure pharmacetuical crystal and expert IV administrators (speaking of which some junkies make much better shooters than doctors) or even those little drip bags IVing is probably the best way to go. Insulflation damages nostrils some and smoking certainly damages throught/lungs while there are tons of veins which are probably not too badly damaged (look at diabetics who routinely inject for years).
    In practice it all depends on the sterilty of your injection equitment, how high quality your meth is and how good you are at safely shooting up.
    Unless it because a major habit it probably isn't going to be a big deal tho, and if it becomes a big habit you will probably end up shooting too much (really they should offer addicts those permanent shunts diabetics get).
    Ohh and the harm reduction people are hypocritical and wrong. They are all good with taking vitamin C and 5HTP, despite the fact that 5HTP deserves to be called a drug just like anything else. They make the same stupid distinction the anti-drug warriors do about fund and non-fun drugs and not combining them.
    Well fuck them ketamine reduces e neurotox I am all about that.
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    Uhhh let's see...this weekend I had meth, smoked alot of pot, and a few beers...I find that smoking pot takes off the edge of tweeking...I was pretty strung up from the was fun.
    Smoking meth is very harsh on your throat, and also takes some time to get it right. The high is short but more intense, more tweeked up. A friend says when meth is smoked there wasn't jaw clenching and the high feels smoother.
    Snorting meth is bad for your nose, it tears your nose passages. It lasts longer though, even if it is not as intense as smoking it.

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    [quote] In terms of which is worse, probably theoretically with pure pharmacetuical crystal and expert IV administrators (speaking of which some junkies make much better shooters than doctors)
    lol, that birngs back memories of my first and only time i shot speed. i dont do it know cause i can't do it myself, plus drinking it makes it sorta last longer.
    anyways, iwas totally scared about injecting something that i didn't even get myself. but hey i had to impress the chicks i was with? (good reason ey?) (but did get laid)...
    so as the time came closer i got more nervous, but when the guy put the needle in me i barely even felt it. I was amazed, and well 5 seconds later I told him12 times how great he does it.
    anyways, weed/meth/alcohol is an ok combo by all means... though i find the alcohol is a waste.
    healthwise i think it doesnt matter anyways, cause if u gonna get fucked up, get fucked up good.
    at least thats no my philosophy on drugs...
    no need to do it all the time, but when u do it, then do to the max. (assuming u know u're limits like i do)....
    by the way i'm buzzing on meth rite now... so thats why this post is so unecesarrily long and full of speelling mistakes...

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