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    IV crystal meth.... 
    my uncle is wanting to IV some glass and I want to help him by telling him the SAFEST way to do this.. he has 28g .5inch syringes and I want to help by telling hime the proper way to do this..
    please help

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    Read PhreeX's FAQ on IV drug use, it's in the FAQ yeah, read up on how to IV properly...has your uncle IVed before?
    In terms of quantity, well, you want to dissolve a couple lines worth in some sterile saline solution, heat to dissolve and then you should be all set. In terms of mg's, anywhere between 20-50 mg depending on tolerance and the quality of the meth.
    Your uncle should definitely reconsider IVing if he has any sort of cardiovascular/heart problems... or at the very least he should start out at a low dose.

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    Remember, the guide is something I wrote to assist, not to encourage...
    If you're going to inject crystal meth and it's not PURE GLASS then you can just use some bottled water (like Evian or whatever) ..
    Carefull, once you IV you will never go any other route!

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    Well..... not too sure by what you meant by 'pure glass' but this shtuff is rocks and sometimes have a slight yellow tent to the bigger rocks.. and it smashes up to a VERY fine WHITE WHITE WHITE powder.......
    i told him to get a spoon, put some saline in it, or Ill tell him to use bottled spring water if he cant get saline, and to put the line in the liquid, shake a bit, possibly stir with a needle (not the syringe needle) and then take a piece of cotton, like a little piece, put it in the spoon, then press the open edge of the needle to the cotton and suck it up that way, then get al the bubbles out by flicking the side, then find big vien that is visiable, stick in slow, pull back to see red inside tube, then inject that mixture......
    should this be right?

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    Sounds good. Couple things:
    • use the needle to pull up the water/saline you add to the spoon, then recap it. That way you can be sure of getting exactly a cc. You want to use as much water as possible: that way you are injecting more dilute stuff and you also lose less in the mixing process.
    • I just use the back end of the syringe (plunger) to mix up the solution.
    • I stir the solution with said back of syringe thoroughly. If it doesn't dissolve, adding head (by holder a lighter underneath for a few seconds) sometimes help.
    • When you inject, MAKE SURE to pull back on the plunger first to make sure you're in a vein, and don't move the needle around so you poke out in the middle.
    • Also remember, you inject towards the heart, with the hole in the needle facing up (away from your skin).

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    zoRn> thanks for the info about having the opening of the needle *up*.. I didnt know that, I knew to tell him the other stuff... thanks

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