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    mdma shelf life 
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    I did a search on it but I couldn't get the search engine to work so I will ask it here. What is the shelf life of mdma? I'm going to my first rave in about a month or so. I know of some good roll in my area. If I get it now can I save it till then and will I need to do anything special to save it? Like I know for L you need to keep it cool and out of the light. What goes for roll?

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    I left mine in a medicine bottle for a little over a year and i did it and felt the same effects if i had taken it the day i bought it. it was in a drawer, i dont know the shelf life but itll be ok if you buy it now and wait a month
    just keep it in a room temperature place
    dont leave it in the car

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    Keep the MDMA in a cool, dry place and it'll last for years. It's a stable compound.

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    There is an Index that will save you having to look in the search engine..........Its called the Directory and there are links at the top of the page.......... happy reading........

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    I kept one in my basement for about 9 months and it seemed to get better!!! Probably not typical.

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    It is a very stable compound you can keep it for years without it degrading, I am collecting pills for consumption in 10 or 15 years time.

    Just make sure you keep it in a moisture Free container so that the pill doesn't mush up.

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    As others have said, mdma is extremely stable and can sustain being left for a period of time.

    You just want to make sure that it's in a safe place away from direct heat or direct sunlight.

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    sans corrosive agents, it should last for THOUSANDS of years.

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    check the use by date on the back

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