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    Oxycontin Snort ? 
    I have some PINK OXYCONTIN tabs; supplier states that they're 20mg. oxycontin per pill.
    I just crushed one up and was left with little bits of pink residue - I saw in a post earlier that you have to "scrape off" the coating. I'm assuming that's the "coating" - if so, what's the best way to snort these little things - and if I do scrape it off how do I do that? Sorry if this sounds really stupid - but well, hell I guess we're all aloud to ask stupid questions.
    *By the way, just snorted the 20mg. with as much "coating" off as possible and 10 min later I feel fantastic. Pretty f'd up now.

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    to remove the coating...just wet a paper towel and rub the pill..the coating comes off rather easily....
    or you could do what I do and simply scrape it off with a razor takes a lot longer but I enjoy the process....

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    Thanks for the reply. I had heard about the wet paper towel deal but I just wasn't sure if you'd loose oxy in the process. What's the quickest and easiest way?
    Still f'd up...

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    Just use your fingernails, or you can put it in your mouth and suck it off.

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    Yeah, suck on the pill for 10-15 seconds and the coating will dissappear

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    sucking will then make the pill wet wont it?
    i just use my fingernail. works fine.

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    I've done it both ways...when you suck on it for like 15 seconds like mentioned all you do is rub it with a paper towel and it will come off (and the pill is fine, it won't be wet)...when i did it this way i was able to save 1/4 of it after i broke it up cuz it was an 80 so i didn't want it all at once. Anyways, I prefer just scraping it with my fingernail, sure it may take longer, but i just like this way better, plus you know for sure that you got it all off and you don't end up sucking on it too long...

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    Just scrape it off with yer fingernail, dont bother wetting it then using a towel, it's pointless ..
    For other info, read the FAQ, lets cut down on the OC posts..

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