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    Tounge on meth 
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    this should be like a 1 or 2 post thread so ill make it short.
    i do crystal meth. when i smoke it, i get these little white things in my tounge and they hurt like hell when pressure is applied. i usually dont have many questions because i look up my drugs, but i cant find the answer to this question.
    thank you.

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    For me, when I snort too much meth at one time my tongue get a funky white color. I cut my lines shorter to stop this from happening now. It freaked me out the first few times because I thought I had thrush. But it was just a lilttle too much meth at one time. :-)

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    Meth increases your metabolism, and since the cells on your tongue, in your gums, etc., already have a very short life (compared to epidermis), it is even faster metabolized. The cells die, your skin gets dry and bad, and I believe that is why the inside of you mouth gets these effects you describe. Also, if you have dandruff or psoriasis, these conditions can be aggravated by chronic meth use. btw, this is mostly speculation; I'm not a doctor

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    I think you're all wrong. It's because you subconsciously rub your tongue against sharp spots in your mouth. This makes little white bumpy sores appear quite rapidly, and slowly get worse over a few days.
    The things can appear quite suddenly after taking stimulants - I get them from Adderall. They go away once you build up a tolerance to the "reflexive head twitches" effect of amphetamines, which usually takes me about six days of daily dosing to be totally gone.

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    MoFo_S is right on. Any time I used glass to stay up for over 24 hours my mouth would get dry and I would start rubbing my tongue around without even knowing it. People would have to tell me I was doing it cuz I never noticed it. Sure enough pretty soon my tongue would get some painful ass sores on it. Not even continuously chewing gum helps for me. I keep rubbing the sides of my tongue on my teeth no matter what.

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    every1 suffers from 'mouth discomforts' like this on stimulants. it's part of the whole experience... not being able to eat soilds or talk without a lisp for a few days.
    the small white things ur describing sound like uclers. they appear around the sides, top & tip of ur tongue & they r tiny pink bumps with a small white head. they'r extremely sensitive to heat, pressure, touch & foods like salt/lemon etc.
    usually mouth ulcers r a sign ur immune system is not workin 100% & ur run down. so if u've been using meth for multiple days in a row & haven't sleep or eaten much, that's ur warning to slow down & take it easy or else u could end up really sick.
    if ur tongue is white, swollen & sensitive when using meth it's cos it's dehydrated.
    u might find ur eyes, hair & skin also become really dry & can b sensitive to soaps/cleansers, hot/cold, sun/wind, etc. & if u have bad circulation u may suffer from uneven skin pigmentation/discoloration (especially ur hands & face when u haven't slept.)
    this is cos meth pushes ur body to its limit & sends u into overdrive. ur heart beats up to 30% faster, ur body temp rises dramatically, ur metabolism increases, u sweat more, ur breathing becomes irregular & shallow & of course constantly move. it's like running a marathon!
    all of this takes it's toll on ur body, but @ the time u can't realise.
    to b this active u need energy, which we normally get from food, but u've replaced food with meth- which is nothing... so really ur living on nothing!
    therefore your body can't function 100% & has to cut back on the little luxuries that protect you- like saliva!
    the best way to prevent all this is...
    listerine- or a similar anti-bacterial mouth wash. this stuff is the best, it refreshes & numbs ur mouth. try to find one that isn't too strong cos if ur tongues really sensitive it can burn & try rinse ur mouth at least 3x a day.
    brushing- goes without saying!
    flossing- if ur using meth regularly ur gums start to receide & it's painful. there's nothing much u can do to stop this, just keep them healthy by brushing 2x a day, flossing every night & check-ups @ the dentist every 6-12 months
    also i find that using an antiseptic mouth gel (eg. bonjela, sm-33, etc) can temporarly relieve any pain.
    other than that drinking plenty of water, sleeping, taking a multi-vitamin, a calcium & a magnesium supplement can help heaps + eating un-processed foods & eating regularly.

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    Hi from the UK,
    I remember once burning my mouth right out taking speed,(Sulphate)paste,I used to take it orally +my mouth was a state,covered in ulcers+went all grey!!AARGGH..,I put it down to the potency of my speed,reacting with my toungue+skin?
    Plus u always talk like fuck+constantly chew your lips+toungue when speeding!
    Careful out there,
    I couldn't talk properly/smile/eat withoput severe pain for weeks,even had to stop taking the stuff.(never again)
    (believe me speed fucks u up)if u stick with it.

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    The most important thing is that you stay hydrated and have something to keep your mouth busy - a cock, gum, chewing tobacco, etc..

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