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    Does anyone know what Algocalmin is? My friend described it as: "One of those pain killers we have in Europe"...

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    algocalmin = metamizole = Novalgin = dipyrone
    It took me forever to figure to figure out what the hell this was, as 'algocalmin' is apprently the Romanian brand name of the drug. My search resulted in lots of Romanian sites (needless to say, Romanian is one of the languages I don't know).
    Apparently, the drug is a non-opoid analgesic (painkiller) similar in strength to ibuprofen. Dipyrone is an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) as well. From this information, I'm guessing that it's probably not recreational.
    It used to be used on animals in the US but the FDA withdrew it because of health problems it was causing.
    See here for further info.
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