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    Ecstasy Identification 

    Soon I'll be sampling an ecstasy pill for the first time, as I'm a neophyte concerning this particular breed of drugs. I've no indication or clue as to what the different symbols imprinted on the pills represent, therefore I thought I'd seek help by asking those more knowledgeable about this subject than I. The pill is green, speckled, and has the letters "UFC" imprinted on IT. Any ideas? Has anyone encountered this particular variation before? Assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I'm very hesitant about consuming somethings with such uncertainty. Thanks, and again, it's green and says "UFC".
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    Shifting to pillreports discussion.

    I'm sorry Scythe but pill id threads are not allowed in Ecstasy Discussion. They should be able to offer you some assistance over in pillreports.

    Mods: Use your discretion
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    These pills seem readily available throughout the southeast. They come in a variety of colors with green getting the most attention (well in these parts that is). An experienced friend of mine dreamed these to be good, but he is more of a speed person, so his judgement is often unreliable. These are coming from the same folks who had all the bzp crap (once again-in these parts, maybe not where you are), so I will not be sampling ANYTHING at this juncture, would definitely be wise to use caution, get a tester, blah blah...
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    ^^^ Ditto to what they said.

    I checked on and found these reports - they're from the last month or two:

    You may also want to check the South East Regional Pill Discussion & other Pill Discussion areas for more info.

    EDIT: And look into getting a testing kit! You'll be so glad you did.
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    Just an FYI

    Color / imprint / size, ect. mean nothing.

    Test your product.

    Know your source.
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