Thread: Diminshed effect of MDMA while on Lyrica

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    Diminshed effect of MDMA while on Lyrica 
    Have anyone else experienced diminished effects from MDMA while on Lyrica? I first brushed this aside and blamed it on bad pills.
    But since then I´ve had some really pure molly which everyone else praised. The peak seems shorter and the whole trip "duller".
    So, anyone else had this effect? And can this be avoided by just skipping that day´s dose of lyrica, or do you have to quit the lyrica even earlier, assuming you´re on 600mg/day?

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    lyrica = anti-depressant correct?

    Have you read anything on mdma + anti-depressants?

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    nah lyrica is used to treat shingles. its classified as an anticonvulsant.

    it works better then gabapentin.

    some folks have claimed that it has benzo-like effects. never noticed any myself

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    Do not post questions about MDMA in OD. We have an entire forum for MDMA discussion.

    OD -----> ED. Mods, do what you want with it.

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    Well, since lyrica use seems to be more prevalent in OD I thought that was the forum where I would get the most responses.
    A search for lyrica brings up threads almost exclusively in OD.

    And Lyrica is not an anti-depressant. You guys in the states get it prescribed only for nerve pain (at least on-label). Here in in sweden it´s also prescribed for epilepsy and anxiety.

    ChemicalSmile: Yes, I know everything about SSRI/SNRI and MDMA. Lyrica exerts its effects in a totally different manner.

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    Currently there is no information available that I can find regards lyrica and mdma in ED.

    Is there an actiove ingredient that we can search for or is it sold under another name?

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    The active substance in lyrica is called pregabalin. Its still under patent so only sold under the tradename lyrica.

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    Haha, I think this question was better posed in OD.


    Pregabalin is a gabaergic treatment. It'll relax/sedate you in a similar fashion to benzos or closer yet, gabapentin.

    Unless you're hyperanxious or doing really mellow pills, I wouldn't suggest the combo.

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    Search still comes up empty.

    Give it a few days and see if anyone can help otherwise i would maybe try to repost again in OD but putting more emphasis on the lyrica bit so they dont knock it back.

    Sort of asking for info about how it works and what affects it may have on the serotonin etc.

    lol, sometimes you just have to be a bit sneaky and smart about how you word things to achieve the same results.

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    i dunno if this is going to help but i have used nerotion ((gabapentin)) wit e and it if anything increased the effects but i used it on the come down which really helped alot..... i dunno about the lyrica tho... i mean i have done lyrica alone and its quite enjoyable

    seeing as how u said it seemed to dampen the effects of the e sooooo maybe just in ur case or maybe others to it does so i would skipp a few days doses leading up to the drop of the beans and on the come down throw it into the mix and see what happens

    especially wit these kinds of drugs, lyrica and nerotin, trial and error would be the best way to go honestly..... i mean not alot is known about these wit the use of illegal drugs sooo use caution

    and good luck
    lilczey aka C-low

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